Whitesburg KY

Flynns mark 36th anniversary


Happy birthday to Brandie Back of Elk Creek. It was on Oct. 18. Her mom Debbie had one on Oct. 27 and her sister Sarah had one on Nov. 2.

Aaron Niece of Elk Creek was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago. He was dehydrated and had some other health problems. He is now home and doing better.

Happy birthday to my niece Ashlee Morgan of Isom. It is on Nov. 4 and her dad Randy’s is on the 11th.

Happy anniversary to Jeremy and Nadean Hayes of Elk Creek. It was their eighth on Nov. 2.

Virgil Combs of Carcassonne has been in the hospital. He has so much trouble with his breathing problems. He got to come home on Saturday, but they said he was not doing much better. I wish him the best.

Happy birthday to Rayma and Carlie Nichols of Doty Creek. They turned 11 on Nov. 8. They are the children of Raymond and Monae Nichols and have a younger brother, Nigel.

Happy birthday to Mary Flynn of Blackey. It was on Nov. 7. Happy anniversary to Mary and her husband Jim. It was their 36th on Nov. 2.

My dad Pnut has been having some problems with numbness in his legs. He and my mom jean went to a doctor in Huntington, West Va., and they gave him some medicine and had a shoe fitted for him that should help him. He has had a hard time walking with it being numb. I hope the medicine and the shoes help him.

For the first snow of the year we just got a dusting up here on the mountain. Ray Dean and Doris Adams of Blackey said they rode through the Little Shepherd Trail Saturday and they said the snow was deep and the roads slick, but it was beautiful to look at

Happy birthday to Jacob Caudill. He turned five on Nov. 5. He is the son of Phillip and Mashawna Caudill. The grandparents are Bruce and Rita Gilley, Deborah and Fairless Collins and Robert and Judy Caudill. He has a baby sister, Zoey.

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