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Food not always what it seems

Letcher County Coroner Renee Campbell and Deputy Coroner Derek Meade attended a forensic pathology class for coroners held in Morehead on June 25 and 26.

Letcher County Coroner Renee Campbell and Deputy Coroner Derek Meade attended a forensic pathology class for coroners held in Morehead on June 25 and 26.

Well, right out of the starting gate I have to tell you a good one on my sisters, Lucille and Charlene, and Mommy. Charlene said she and Lucille both looked in this crab salad container in the refrigerator at Mom’s and they thought it was coleslaw. So, for dinner today Charlene planned on giving Mom some of the coleslaw with her mashed potatoes. Lo and behold, when she opened the coleslaw she discovered it WAS CRAB SALAD. She didn’t tell Mom and instead just went ahead and gave it to her. In a few minutes she hollered at Charlene, “Boy, Sis, this sure is good coleslaw, it’s so tender!” I told Charlene that was crab salad Delores left for me. She said, “Well, you might want to get you some more!”

That reminds me of a sister in the church that said one of her co-workers brought her leftover supper to work with her in a Shedd’s Spread Country Crock bowl quite often. But, one day when she opened it in the employee’s lounge it was an actual bowl of Shedd’s Spread Country Crock. At Mommy’s you would think she has 10 or so bowls of Cool Whip in her refrigerator. But, it’s actually a pretty good assortment of whatever you would like to eat. When we first started staying with her and cleaning out her freezer she had about 20 Cool Whip bowls in the freezer with masking tape on the lid where she had written things like “peaches”, “apples”, “soup beans”. It’s untelling how old they were. I had to rake the frost off them to see what they were and half the time they weren’t even what was on the tape. Every time I empty one I throw it away, but somehow these bowls seem to keep multiplying in her cabinets.

June Maggard and her first cousin Clarence Carter

June Maggard and her first cousin Clarence Carter

I was only able to go to the Senior Citizens twice last week. I surely miss talking to Lizzie Mae Wright. We’ve enjoyed Sudie Day Wynn being with us on her visit to Kentucky this time around. There are lots of seniors that are not able to come to the center anymore and we surely miss them. Juanita Banks, Estel Taylor, Doug and Pat Wright, Ed and Betty Jo Pike, and Imogene Sexton, just to name a few. We really do miss them.

Jo Ella Taylor Sturgill and her husband Darrell Sturgill

Jo Ella Taylor Sturgill and her husband Darrell Sturgill

I talked with Imogene’s daughter Sunday and she said Imogene isn’t doing very well at all. As I’ve mentioned before she has pancreatic cancer. Her children and Hospice are taking such good care of her at home. Sandra said Imogene asked about how Mommy was doing the other day. Mommy asks me about Imogene quite often, too. They live about half a mile from each other and have known each other since they were very young.

I read on Facebook last week Jo Ella Taylor Sturgill’s husband Darrell Sturgill’s medicines are working as of now. He has afib and the medicines are keeping his heart in rhythm. Pat Wright also told me Doug’s chemo medicines are finally starting to agree with him. They had already tried two different ones and they just made him so sick he couldn’t take them. So, this third one is working better for him. Also, Phyllis Adams’s husband Steve Adams is finally starting to be able to take his medicines. He has cancer also. Steve and Phyllis are church members with me at Letcher Independent Baptist and they also lived at Marlowe Coal Camp for awhile. All of these families desperately need everyone’s prayers.

I also saw on Facebook where little Laney Webb was able to escape from the hospital for four days and they were planning on spending some time at the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Cincinnati. Some of the videos of Laney will just melt your heart. Please remember to keep all this family in your prayers.

Don’t forget to utilize our Farmers Market on Thursday evening and Saturday morning. Gear Up is sponsoring an intern program again this summer and my grandson, Seth Hampton, is one of those interns. This is a write-up I found on Facebook about them and they gave me permission to reprint it here for the paper:

“Since the Cowan Creek interns started their internship for the summer they have gone above and beyond completing the duties asked of them. They work all week and some work on Saturdays as well; some interns are even getting up to 13 hours a day because they love the work they are doing so much! The first week was art camp in which the interns helped the counselors with whatever they needed done and keeping the kids focused on their projects. The interns even got to go on a field trip to the Hindman Artisan Center and helped the kids learn how to make pottery.

“The next camp they helped out with was the music camp where they also went on field trips and helped keep the children focused. The interns helped the little kids with making pizza at Cane Kitchen. They loved it!

“Other than the camps, the interns have been working at Cane Kitchen. They help prepare the food and serve it to the community. Cane Kitchen is Kensley Adams and Kaleb Gibson’s favorite part. They even received their food handler’s card!

“Other than Cane Kitchen, the interns are working at the Farmers Market on Thursdays and Levitt Amp on Saturdays! The interns help set up the market and the concert for Levitt Amp. They also help disassemble produce stands and equipment.

“ This internship has taught me a lot. It has taught me how to handle food and prepare it properly as well as made me have more patience with kids. It has also given me more opportunities to work with the community and make lasting memories.” Kensley Adams

We are so proud of the work these interns are doing and excited to see what all they accomplish throughout their summer internship!

Please remember to pray for all those in our community that have lost loved ones recently, one of which is our director at Letcher County Senior Citizens, Debbie Baker, in the loss of her mother last week. Another I saw posted Monday was June Maggard. She was the daughter of J.D. Maggard. Some of you all may recognize that name from the store at Eolia. One of June’s first cousins was Kathy Carter Kilbourne’s daddy. Kathy and I were in high school together. This is the tribute she posted on Facebook Monday. She also gave me permission to copy this for the paper.

“The matriarch of our Maggard family has passed from this life to a much better one. June Maggard was my daddy’s first cousin. I am going to miss this lady. I know of no one like her. She was independent, strong, but compassionate and kindhearted. She loved her family. Her father, J.D., was my grandmother Mary’s brother. My love and condolences to her family. This is a photo of my daddy and her at her 88th birthday party last year. She was a true Southern Lady with spunk. Please keep her family in your prayers and include my daddy in your prayers, as the funeral for another cousin was tonight. It is hard to watch our family members leave this world. Thank God for providing a way thru his son, Jesus Christ, that we may see our loved ones again. I LOVE AND THANK YOU, MS. JUNE, FOR FILLING IN THAT MAMA ROLE IN MY LIFE AFTER MY OWN WAS GONE. I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!”

And as always remember our pastor Bill Jones and his wife Sandy and their whole family. This week makes three years since their son and his girlfriend passed away. We love them dearly and pray for them continually.

I saw this quote and thought it befitted Oma’s weekly plea. When missing church begins to not bother you anymore, then sin will not bother you either! Go to God’s house, you do need it.

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