Whitesburg KY

Food readied for Engle-Sergent picnic

Northeast Ohio

Good morning, and it is a good morning. The sun is shining, birds are singing and all’s right with my world.

I guess my only complaint would be tiredness. I’ve been getting things ready for company and our picnic. I did laundry, cooked dried apples for pies, cooked fresh apples for stack cake, chopped pickles and onions for salads, and all the other little chores that need doing. Some of the family will be in tomorrow so today I’ve got to pick beans to cook, put soup beans on to soak, make a macaroni or potato salad, bake a stack cake, and late this evening will bake three or four pies. Wow! Just writing about it and I’m all exhausted. This old gray mare just ain’t what she used to be.

Red had a great birthday, and got lots of cards and calls. He got calls from his sister Mae Sowards in Pound, Va., Bill and Redia in Elyria, Richard and Georgia in Lorain, Robert and Eva Dale (Stallard) Douglas in Sacramento, Calif., Kernel (Buddy) and Doris (Philips) King in Davenport, Iowa, and I’m sure he got one from Jeanie and Phil in Louisville.

(I’m sitting under a hair dryer, Georgia is giving me a shampoo and set, so if I do make a mistake, just say her brain is being fried.)

Red also got calls from his brother Charles in Jenkins and his sister Jean Hunsucker in Eolia, and a card from her, and then Billy Wayne stopped. They were also here the next day and we had his birthday dinner then. I almost forgot, our granddaughter Catharine Ann (Engle) Taylor in Lorain called.

We just had a most delightful surprise. Our dear friend Joyce Gaynell (Rose) Adkins and her husband stopped by for a visit. She called and I was thinking she was calling from Indiana, when in fact she was in town!

It was such a pleasure seeing her again, it had been several years and as usual I’m having one of those moments, you know the kind I’m talking about, I can’t remember her husband’s name. It’s gone for now, I will think of it later.

I have heard from more relatives, Watson Craft in Walton, a second cousin, and a more distant cousin named James Slone in Harrodsburg, who writes, and I need to get back to him after the picnic.

Watson called, and we had a good chat but I need to get his address. I would rather write but have several who prefer calling. Either way is fine with me as I dearly love hearing from friends and relatives.

I had a good chat with Colleen Craft in Fairland, Ind., and recently talked with Doris King in Davenport, Iowa. Both have been having some health issues. My prayers are with both of you, and I hope by now you are feeling better.

It has been a beautiful sunny day here but as usual we do have a balmy breeze blowing.

I’ve got my cake baked, and Red picked beans to cook for tomorrow. I will pick and fix picnic beans later. I still have pies to bake but may wait till morning to do them as most will be for Sunday. I’m fixing supper for all who are here tomorrow night and Georgia will feed everyone Saturday night. I’m all for that.

Oops! Just looked at the clock and it’s now nine o’clock. I’ve been working on this all day and now I’d better get this finished before Catharine shows up.

So until next week, do have a good one and may it be a peaceful and blessed one, love and prayers to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440)233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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