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For peace, quiet, get a motor home

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Happy New Year!

Christmas will be a memory when this copy of The
Mountain Eagle
gets published! A good one, I hope, for everyone. As far as myself, I will be glad when it is over with. I was hoping this Christmas would be better than last. As it is shaping up it won’t be any diff erent than years past.

When spring finally comes around again, I am putting my house up for sale, and going someplace else for the remainder of my time on this place called Earth. I don’t need this house as I am not able to take care of it the way it should be kept up. I may as well enjoy what I can get out of it and say it has been home to me for 38 years.

Aggravation is more than I can handle. Yes, I will take it with me, however it isn’t like having it under your nose.

I plan on buying a small, van-type motor home that I can handle and my only traveling companion will be a small pistol and a permit to carry it. There won’t be anyone to aggravate me, nor any animals. Home will be where I can find a place to park it.

If I start to run out of money, I will just sit for a while, make sure I am in a warm place. When I need clothes washed, I will hang them out the window as I drive down the road to let them dry! See, I have it all figured out. As far as food, I will stock up on items, maybe see if I can map out soup kitchens.

No, I don’t want any company! So don’t bother to ask.

Jessie Frazier has a small motor home. I would love to have one like it, except I don’t want to shift gears.

I am 65 years old, I need some peace and quiet in my life. I don’t have very many years left.

On to a more delightful subject.

Greg Cantrell is a friend on Facebook on the computer and really brought back some memories along with a couple of other people.

Greg writes: “When is the last time you heard of a person talking of walking down the road picking up pop bottles for returns? How many did you need to get a 12-ounce bottle of pop? When was the last time your mom got a piece of tableware in a detergent box? When was the last coffee cup you got with a fill up of gas? Almost none can even remember, are the good times all gone?

I do remember taking pop bottles back to the store for money in the 70s. We used to buy a carton of 16-ounce pop. You paid a deposit then got the money back when you returned the bottles.

Someone mentioned getting dishes in boxes of detergent. I remember Mom getting several types in a detergent called Duz, glasses, plates, cups and saucers to make a complete set. I also remember Mom getting dishtowels in detergent.

I can remember a box of Jell-o lemon pudding and pie filling coming in a bag of flour! In fact that was the first lemon pie we ever tasted, the one I baked from the bag of flour. Mom showed me how to beat eggs for the topping.

Mom didn’t have a mixer back then, so she cracked the eggs and put the whites in a platter and showed me how to whip them with a fork until they became fluffy. Then she sprinkled a little sugar in the egg whites, spread it on the pie and placed it in the oven for a little while until the whites turned a light brown.

It seems like this is the time of year for reminiscing as Betty Ison rekindled some things in my nimble brain. Who can remember hearing your parents or someone counting while they were doing the figuring on paper? They would say ‘I will be bring the ot or ought done’, meaning using a zero.

Betty started laughing and asked if I had ever heard the expression ‘I will bust your face’. I said,”Oh my yes, lots of times. A mom would say ‘now get out of here or I will bust your face!’”

You did not hear a small child talking the language you do nowadays.

Betty’s husband Doyle had been busy shoveling snow off the boat deck. I told him I would bring a can of cream and we could make snow cream. Actually, this has been one winter when my heart hasn’t been ready for snow cream!

Johnny and Ann Calihan are having their family home for Christmas. Their daughter Teresa’s husband John had surgery, then fell and re-injured his leg, so now he has to have more surgery.

Gwen Huff Farmer was to have Christmas dinner with some of her family, that is, if she could get out of her house. She hasn’t been able to even get out on her porch for the ice.

Shirley Wells will be with some of her family for the holidays.

Hello to my schoolmate Jewel Shepherd. No, Jewel, you haven’t hurt my feelings. Thanks for the lovely Christmas card.

Thanks to everyone for the Christmas cards. I am sorry this is one year I haven’t even sent one card out. Please forgive me!

Travis Morton, I keep trying to think of you and your situation, and look on the bright side. Right now there’s not a bright side! Yes, I know I have a lot to be thankful for! My daughter Anna Nottingham and baby are doing well at the present time. Her diabetes is still giving her a fit.

My brother Richie Hall isn’t doing very well. His heart is still acting up, and so are Richie and his brotherin law Rick Jones! I love you guys and your wives, Wanda Hall and Barb Jones.

Merry Christmas, Carl Boggs and family. Hello to my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall and to my brother Wallace Lee Hall and Loretta Church and everyone at Letcher Manor Nursing Home

Men like cars. Women like clothes. Women only like cars because they take them to clothes.

Until next time.

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