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Forgive to be forgiven

Have you readers out there taken notice of how greedy and selfish our people have become over the last few years?

They would have their own grandmas thrown in jail if she wouldn’t do their bidding or if she got in the way of their affairs. But when Grandma is no longer any benefit to them, they shuttle her off to a rest home or their choosing.

They only keep her to get her monthly pension check, from which she never gets to reap any benefits. It all goes to take care of their own selfish desires.

After she is put into a rest home, they may visit her once a month or every other month. It is not because they care anything about her, but only to try to calculate how long it will be until they can collect her life insurance.

We can read in the Bible where it mentions a time when there will be earthquakes in diverse places, mothers against daughters and fathers against sons. The Bible is being fulfilled with each passing day. How long before the end of time as we know it? Only God knows that.

If you or I die today — and that could happen — it would be the end of time for us, even if the world still stands. One thing is certain, though, we are all going to die. If you feel as if someone has done you a wrong and you can’t or won’t forgive them before the end of time comes for you and you die in that condition, you are bound for a burning hell.

So before you go to sleep tonight, have a heart-toheart talk with Jesus. He may grant you the privilege of waking up before judgment day.

If you don’t forgive those who transgress against you, you won’t be forgiven by the Lord either. The ones you didn’t forgive may be the very ones standing by your bedside watching you take your journey to the world of the lost.

If you can’t forgive, you can’t be forgiven of your many sins either. It is either heaven or hell for you because there is no halfway house.

I’ll leave you with this little ditty. A pipe-smoking farmer was preparing to gather his corn. He hitched old Maude to the corn sled and while still standing behind her, he decided to light his pipe. Just as he got his lighter going, old Maude let loose with some indigestion. The resulting explosion scorched the farmer’s whiskers and set his hat on fire.

That’s all from the funny farm ‘til next time.

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