Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Former Indian Creek resident calls from Michigan

Northeast Ohio

I can hardly believe it’s Thursday already and we’re finally having some of my kind of weather, 80 degrees and a mite over, a day or two. Hope this finds everyone well and wishing all a happy July 4, with weather that will be perfect for all cookouts, picnics and family gettogethers. Know what my plans are? I’m going to visit Jeanie in Louisville and am going to attend Antioch Church with her on Sunday. Grandson Chris is taking me down. Wish Red was able to go but he says maybe another time when we can stay longer. I’m going down Saturday and back home on Monday.

I got some interesting and welcome phone calls. The first was from Janice Jordan in Muncie, Ind., and the second from Gladys Smith in Bolivia, N.C.

I also got a call from Michigan from a boy who grew up on Indian Creek, Ben Edward Sergent, son of Willard and Mae Sturgill Sergent. He is much younger than me and said he didn’t remember me but did remember Anna Lea, Richard and Buford. We talked for some time as we knew a lot of the same people. I did and do remember the older ones in his family. He wanted Richard’s phone number but could only come up with mine.

I did enjoy talking with him, as well as with Janice and Gladys. I do hope the two of you are feeling better. Gladys, I was so sorry you spent time in the hospital and have been feeling so poorly. I will write both soon.

Got a few July birthdays to send, on the 7th nephew Ronny Goins in Whitesburg, and Richard’s twin grandchildren, Brandon and Bailee, in Lorain; on the 9th Red’s nephew, Orbin Engle in Duffield, Va., and his niece, Pam Adams Sturgill in Eolia; Karen Hall (daughter of niece Marcia Hall) on the 11th; niece Teena Opaleck, Chicago, on the 20th, cousin Darrell Profitt, Camp Branch, the 22nd, Donny Edwards, Jenkins, the 24th, cousin Archie Sergent, Clarksville, Ind., the 26th and Janet Flynn, Pekin, Ind. on the 30th. Wishing all of you a most happy day and may you have many, many more.

I got another call from that mean brother of mine. I’m convinced he has a devilish streak somewhere inside. This time he called to tell me they were having fresh green beans, new potatoes, fresh ‘maters, cucumbers, banana peppers and cornbread. All I could tell him was to think of me with tears in my eyes as they were enjoying all these goodies.

No more 80 degrees, we just had a pretty bad storm with thunder, lightning, winds and rain and it has cooled down considerably.

This weekend is Little Edna Church time. We usually go on Sunday but plan to go both Saturday and Sunday this week. One of the members is being examined for deacon. Should be interesting.

I talked to Bill. I hadn’t heard from him in a couple of days. He said he had been busy unloading his truck as they pick up a load of clothes tomorrow.

Red has talked with his sister Nina, brother Charles and niece Carleta; all seemed to be doing fairly well. Carleta had one cataract removed, seemed to be doing really well and will soon have the one on the other eye removed. Be thinking about you and wishing you well, Carleta. Love to all.

I finally got two bedrooms back in order, including cleaning windows, putting up other curtains and everything dusted. Guess you could call it my idea of spring cleaning. Gonna get rid of lots of knickknacks, just don’t want to do so much dusting anymore.

Red is doing fairly well, even though sometimes when he stands up he does a new dance step. I just hold my breath until he steadies himself.

Guess this is enough for this time but in closing I would ask that you add Gladys Smith and everyone else who is ailing on your prayer list. Y’all have a great Fourth, enjoy your families and love and prayers too all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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