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Former Letcher Countian hospitalized

Happy almost spring everyone!

We have been experiencing the most beautiful weather the past two or three days. It seems I have been giving a new lease on life. Although it could be that things have eased up just a bit in my personal life.

Stress is not all gone but is eased knowing my brother Robert Hall is doing better, along with my son Keith Ballard being out of the hospital.

I heard some disturbing news about a former Letcher Countian Bill Proffi tt, who now lives the Cincinnati area. Bill came to our Letcher County Day Picnic about three years ago especially to meet me in person, as he was a faithful reader of my column. I can still see this long-legged guy strolling up the little embankment with a handlebar mustache, stopping to ask Johnny Calihan where I was. I hid behind Johnny when Bill asked me if he could tell who was Rose Ballard Durham. I laughed and said, “Not me!”

I asked him to sit down and get a bite to eat. I introduced him to several people including Berma Matthews and Polly Maucher, who I was sharing a table with, and we all enjoyed meeting him and you can bet we gave him a rough way to go teasing him!

Bill and I stayed in contact with each other, and I am proud to say he has been a good friend. When I hit the pothole down in the mountains and bent my rim, Bill went to a junkyard here in Cincinnati, picked me up a rim at a junkyard, and brought it to me.

Bill is a great supporter of the Girl Scouts, and when they have their cookie sales, he makes sure he buys more than his share to help the troops, even though he didn’t know the kids personally. Bill is a truck driver and on the road quite a bit, and sometimes we would talk when he was at a stop. He kept saying he wished I had a daughter. I told him I did, but they weren’t available. Southern Ohio

Bill found his way to Old Time Fiddlers a few times. I haven’t talked to him since December when he was thinking about heading for the mountains of eastern Kentucky just for a day trip.

I called every hospital in Cincinnati, until I found what I was looking for. Thanks to Berma Matthews, and several others on Facebook for all your help.

I did get hold of Denver Abel, and Denver went to visit Bill, who can’t talk since he has a tube in his throat, but he writes on paper. Bill is in Drake Hospital. I am going to go visit him.

Bill’s cousin, Clifford Tyree, is very sick also. Clifford is a musician and lives farther up in Ohio.

I haven’t gotten to see Bill yet as tragedy struck close to my son once again when he lost a close friend.

I know life is painful and believe me, sometimes I feel like I can’t go another foot much less another mile. This young girl was a troubled girl, and now another mother is heartbroken. I didn’t know this girl and I wish I did know her mother so I could send her a card.

Well, earlier I bragged on the weather, and it didn’t last long enough as now rain and some snow has once again come back to visit us. It always worries me when we get a lot of rain because the Whitewater River isn’t too far from our house.

I ventured to the Coon Hunters Club. I hadn’t been there since November. My friend Becky Tipton and I danced a few times.

I am really glad I chose to go as I met a very nice newcomer, Jeff Johnson Yaw. Jeff is a DJ at WOBO radio out of Batavia. As I talked to Jeff I was surprised to learn that he knew where Whitesburg was. In fact, he went to the music camp at Cowan.

Jeff told me about taking his wife back down to Whitesburg and staying at a bed and breakfast. I am not familiar with this place. I know he is planning to make a return trip sometime in the future.

Polly Maucher is flying high these days as she had a dream come true! Polly finally got to see her beloved Kentucky Wildcats play at Rupp Arena in Lexington.

Polly was given two tickets by a special couple who couldn’t make it, so Polly took her grandson Zach, and her son drove them to Lexington and he was able to get a ticket, so all three enjoyed the game. Polly was really thrilled to be able to go, although she said she really likes to watch them on the television as she can see the numbers up close.

While at Rupp Arena they visited the motel next door to see all the Kentucky Wildcats merchandise. They went across the street to enjoy a bite to eat. It was a great time for all three.

Polly and her family are great fans of the Wildcats. Polly did say all you could see was blue and white. I think the Wildcats even won the game. I am really glad it was possible for Polly and her family to go.

I am not much on sports except I do love NASCAR racing. I don’t even follow it as close as I used to.

Gwen Huff Farmer is keeping busy, and she has been able to sow a bed of lettuce and even put out some onions. I knew she was going to do this as soon as a break in the weather was possible.

Shirley Wells is still trying to stay warm and anxiously awaiting spring.

My brother Richie Hall sure hasn’t been feeling well. He finally decided to go to the doctor, and while at the doctor’s office Richie’s sugar was outrageously high so he had to stay a little longer than he had anticipated.

Wanda hadn’t been feeling so well lately either. It seems like there’s always something going around.

I did talk to my sisterin law Mattie Hall for a few minutes. I was in a hurry so I missed talking to Jerry.

Our brother Robert Hall seems to be doing some better.

I haven’t talked to my sister Loretta Church, nor my brother Wallace Lee Hall who are in Letcher Manor Nursing Home, in quite a while.

I hope to be able to head for the mountains of eastern Kentucky come spring.

I am still having breathing trouble. I can’t rest at night, then during the day I am so tired I don’t feel like doing anything.

Hello to Carl Boggs and his family. Not a day goes by that I don’t find myself wanting to pick up the phone and call my special friend Willamae.

Jessie Frazier, I hope everything is okay with you.

I haven’t been to see my new grandson Kyle Thomas nor the Nottingham girls or their mom and dad Anna and Scott Nottingham.

My son-in-law Scott Nottingham, who is the acting chief of police at Fort Mitchell, took part in a fundraiser for MDA, or I think that is what it is. I know it has to do with Jerry Lewis. Anyway, you donate money to get Scott out of jail. I told him I would donate money if they put him in jail, since he said he would tase me if he ever pulled me over. Actually, I did tell Anna to put money in for me and I will give it back to her.

William Caudill posted another great song and video on Facebook from his CD called ‘Blackey On my Mind.’ I really enjoy listening to him sing and the videos are wonderful.

Well, I started this a couple of days ago and here I am trying to get it finished on time.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email, Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, 513-367-4682.

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