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Former Letcher Countians meet in Indiana

Seems I’m always trying to get caught up from running a week or two behind.

Bob, Sue Goodson and I went to Troy, Oh., to attend the memorial services for their cousin, Deanna Howard Brown. We met our niece, Beth Banks, at Middletown, Oh., and she went with us.

We met Josh, Joey and Lilly Banks when we got back to Middletown, and all had supper together at Cracker Barrel Restaurant. It was a sad occasion to attend the funeral service, but great to see Beth, Josh, Joey and Lilly. We missed Gage, who had a school dance to attend and couldn’t be with us.


Recently, Bob and Elwood Cornett attended the Chester Hogg Church at Charlestown, Ind. While there they saw many former Letcher Countians, and Bob sat beside Jack Frazier, who is an uncle to Eugene and Jenette Adams’s children. Guy and Patsy Parks and other were glad to see Bob and Elwood, too.

The Blair Branch Church lost a member to death. Genieve Norris, former Isom resident, died at Letcher Manor. Her funeral was held at Everidge Funeral Home with family and friends in attendance.

Courtney Adams of Jeremiah also died since my last column. He hadn’t been well for such a long time and was at the Hospice Care Center at the time of his death. Laramae and the family took care of him at home as long as possible. He has been missed in the community since his health first declined and will be missed in death.

He was laid to rest on the Horse Mill Point area in their family cemetery. Many attended the funeral services at the Blair Branch Church.

Our family got together on Mother’s Day for a cookout. Hope all mothers had a good Mother’s Day with their families.

Mom (Coreen Pridemore) and I attended the Mount Olivet Church on Mother’s Day Sunday, as did a large crowd. After a good service, many stayed to have dinner at the church. It was their Union meeting and due to the large crowd, chairs were set up in the aisles to accommodate so many.

This past Sunday was the memorial for deceased members of the Old Doty Creek Church. Many came out to worship God and also to pay respects to the memory of their loved ones who were members of the good old church, and faithful servants of God.

We missed Jessie Hampton, who had died since the last year and it was good to see Mertie Caudill and her daughter, Lisa, even if I didn’t get to speak to them. I’m always late, as Bob can attest to.

We left Doty Church early to go the baptism of Allen Fugate at the James Memorial Church at Carcassonne. It was a beautiful sight, so many family and friends came out to show their love and support for Allen, and as they all lined up near the little stream, the sun was shining, and the old white church made for a beautiful backdrop for his baptizing.

Bob, Kenny, Don and Coreen and myself all spent a couple of days at Pennyrile State Park. The fish weren’t biting as well as years past, probably due to the hail and rainstorms that had hit the area. But we had a good trip just being together.

Our sympathy to the family of Faye Lowe, who also recently died. Her sons, Arnold, Thomas and Kenneth, and daughters, Wanda, Patricia and Mary, and all their families have our condolences.

Also learned that Roger Nichols, son of Harrison and Mabel Nichols and former Jeremiah resident, died in Shelbyville. His sister, Jennifer, and the family lived “between the bridges” where Bob’s sister, Sue, and Densmore Goodson now live.

And sympathy to Eagle correspondent Oma Hatton and her family in the loss of their sister, Louise Shepherd.

This coming weekend will be Blair Branch Church time and all are welcome to attend.

Recently, Megan Smith, of Dayton, Ohio, was in visiting Mike’s family and said she was going to do another article for the Lexington Herald concerning the Antique Alley stores. The article came out last week and she also included some new businesses in Whitesburg. I’m so glad to have a friend who does what she can to promote our area and appreciate her efforts so much.

With the KET show about antique shops on Highway 7 South and the Lexington Herald article, many out-oftown folks have been making the trip here to shop, eat and stay overnight.

A lot of new shops are on Rte. 7 since Megan’s first article came out in 2011, and hopefully things can continue to improve despite the loss of coal jobs.

The Rte. Y Artisan Fellowship is also trying to come up with ways to help our area. The Rte. 7 Artisan Fellowship is looking for clay or its whereabouts in our area for an upcoming project. We are hoping that many of our friends and neighbors remember going into hollers and finding clay banks, packing it out to make various items to play with or give as gifts. If you remember doing this and where the clay banks you used are, please get in touch with Bonita Adams at (606) 207-5155 or Delana Banks at 633-4453.

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