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Former Letcher resident dies in Indiana


Here we are in 2011, and I hope all had a nice Christmas and a happy New Year’s Day. Since I wrote last we have had quite a bit of snowy weather and are supposed to have snow most of this week.

Back in December, Mary Caudill of Indiana, formerly from here, died. She died about a week after her husband, Larry, and had many sisters and kinfolk here in the Jeremiah area. Our sympathy goes out to Larry and Mary’s families.

Also in December, the Sycamore Loop area lost a good neighbor and friend with the death of Roy Dixon. Roy was the son of the late John D. and Malva Dixon, and lived close to where he was reared and spent his childhood. He hadn’t been well for years, and died Dec. 27, at Pikeville Hospital.

Roy leaves his wife, Lena, and children, Craig, Gwen and Angie, and their families to mourn his passing, sisters, Vesteen, Shelby and Dana, and a brother, Carlos, also.

He was preceded in death by a daughter, Cheryl Lynn Dixon. He had been a member of the Dixon Memorial Church for 31 years. He was laid to rest in the family cemetery above his and Lena’s home.

My thoughts and prayers also go out to Eagle correspondent Sara Ison, whose husband Clarence’s funeral was the same day as Roy’s.

Most everyone was shocked to hear that Keith ‘Little Red’ Adams had had a light heart attack and had to have double bypass surgery at the Hazard Hospital. Last I heard he was doing pretty well and was to be home last weekend. We hope he is able to make a complete and speedy recovery.

Terry Caudill of the Big Field Grocery area was also having some heart problems and spent some time in the hospital in Lexington.

Belated birthday wishes to Coman Caudill, whose 90th birthday was on Jan. 9. His family was to have him a party, but I think it was called off to the large snowfall on Saturday.

Ronnie G. and Maggie Back’s grandson, Codie Kiser, was recently shown on the C-Span Channel while on a trip to Washington, D.C. He attends Pikeville College, and was in the front row in the audience attending the sessions in Washington.

Our area, ‘Between the Bridges’, was sorry to learn that we lost a neighbor with the death of Keith Wright last Friday. He and his wife live in the former D.C. Taylor house on the hill below us. His funeral is to be held in Jenkins on Wednesday.

I received a call from former Letcher Countian Gomer Goins, who now lives in Michigan, who wanted to wish all in the Jeremiah area a merry Christmas. His wife was the late Maxine Tolliver Goins, and he remembers the Smiths, Fraziers, Adams and other families from the Jeremiah area.

Roy Kenon and Billie Jean Smith of Ohio, came in to spend a couple of days with Lee and Wilma Pridemore, and to visit other family here. Don and Coreen Pridemore visited with them one evening.

We were glad that Bill Jones wasn’t hurt when his truck recently slid into the path of the train. I’m sure it was a scary experience and God must have been watching over him.

A small crowd attended Sunday services at the Defeated Creek Old Regular Baptist Church at the head of Linefork. The weather was cold and snowy and most churches were called off in the area, but it really was a beautiful Sunday morning with the sun shining on the ice crystals that had formed on the fields of broom sage. They glistened, and then the snow on the trees with the blue sky behind the mountains was a pretty sight.

This weekend will be Blair Branch Church time, and all are welcome.

Bob, Kenny Joe and I stopped in at Letcher Manor Nursing Home last Sunday to visit with Hazel Adams and Susie Raglin. Hazel was doing fine, but Susie wasn’t too well. We are really worried about her. Bob and I went to visit Dalna Campbell, who is having rehabilitation for a broken leg. Her mother Ina was visiting her, and Dalna was going back to the doctor in Somerset last Monday for a checkup.

Susie’s roommate is Maggie Bowens of Camp Branch, and we talked with her too.

Sorry that I haven’t written much lately, maybe I’ll get back with a weekly column soon.

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