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Former Marlowe resident dies


Pictured are Mike and Patty Howard and his father, Hubert Howard, along with the Howard grandchildren.

Pictured are Mike and Patty Howard and his father, Hubert Howard, along with the Howard grandchildren.

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. It feels like winter is slipping in on us.

It’s been a good week for me. I’ve heard from a lot of friends. I got a call from Iva (Absher) Cheatham. She’s having a lot of health problems and so is her son Jack. I hope they are doing better.

I also got a call from Bertha Page Dye and she wasn’t feeling well either. I’m always glad to hear from the Marlowe people.

I went to a funeral of one of them yesterday. Archie Noble died at home unexpectedly and we surely offer our sympathy to all his family. He was a son of the late Mimi and Vernon Noble, who lived in Marlowe. He was a brother of Charles and Vernon Noble and Barbara

Craft of Florida. It was good seeing the family and friends. I had never met his wife Twinkle.

I got to see all the Pennington girls, Pearl Noble and Dorthy Tacket and Linda Hall. I sat with them. They are my special friends.

It was good hearing from Sis Ivalee Collins, who went to church with us. She is a good friend and I hope she and her family are doing well.

I missed two good friends who sit with me in church, my cousin Ida Hatton, who was out of town visiting her daughter, and Henrietta Absher, who was sick. I excuse you, but I want you to know I missed you. They are faithful.

I enjoyed a visit with my good friend Shirley Niece. She’s in rehab for a few days. I hope she gets better fast. I got to see her husband Carfa and of course he had some of his “best in the world” peanut butter fudge. It was so good! It was good seeing their son Bro. Jamie Niece, one of our preachers. I love all of them.

I listened to the Letcher Central ball game. They had a big win. I don’t know anything about football. I never went to a game. All four of my boys played. I was afraid one of them would get hurt. I washed their uniforms and took them to practice. I listen to the games because I love to hear Larry Hatton and Kevin Day get so excited. They were beside themselves. They do a good job! Please don’t tell them I said that.

Annabell Wright called me around 10 o’clock that night. She was so excited. She wanted to know if I was listening to the game. I told her I was, but I didn’t know anything about it, I was just listening. Annabell wasn’t feeling well. I hope she is better. She’s been a good friend for many years.

I’m going to visit my son Astor and his wife Rosemary. I’m getting really excited about going. I’ll get to see Rob and some of his family while I’m there.

My sisters Louise Shepherd, Kathleen Brock and I think Betty Tyree have some problems. Betty keeps going. She keeps busy going to doctor appointments with her husband Bertus, but he’s getting better. He’s had a lot of problems.

My son Bill and his wife Sandra and I went to Lee’s Chicken on Saturday and enjoyed it. The food was good. It was good seeing my friend Lizzie Mae Wright there. I hadn’t seen her in a while. I haven’t been to the Ermine Center in a long time.

I don’t know where all my time goes. I don’t seem to have time to do a lot of things I’d like to. I guess it might be mileage and I get tired before I get anything finished. Does that happen to any of you?

I’m really getting excited about seeing my family and spending some time with them.

May God bless all of you and try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able. I’m going to miss mine while I’m gone. I love my church and all the people. They are my friends.

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