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Former Marlowe residents talk on Facebook

Pictured are Dewey Brown, Willie King, Russell Howard, and Henry Calvin Pennington.

Pictured are Dewey Brown, Willie King, Russell Howard, and Henry Calvin Pennington.

Rain, rain go away, come again some other day. We saw so many videos and pictures on the news and Facebook of flooding in Letcher County. The river overflowed at Blair Branch and also around our church, Letcher Independent Baptist in Jeremiah. But, thank God it didn’t get up in the parking lot or church. We were able to have church Sunday, but had to have it at 1 p.m.

We are so ready for spring, sweet spring. We do have a few lilies already poking their little heads up out of the ground. Mom just wants to hibernate during the cold and snowy weather of winter and sometimes I just don’t blame her. I know just how she feels.

Speaking of Mom, she fell Saturday evening in her living room and the only thing that was hurt is a rib was broken. She’s sore when she tries to move a lot but other than that she seems to be A-okay. Everybody asks about her at the rec center and Senior Citizens when she isn’t with me.

We’ve been worried about the Kurackas but were told today that he was doing better and sitting up now. We are praying for you, Junior. You better listen to Ms. Kuracka and take care of yourself.

This may be the Scrub Holland family, but we aren’t sure. Any information would be appreciated.

This may be the Scrub Holland family, but we aren’t sure. Any information would be appreciated.

We also heard Rhuford Hart really needs our prayers now. And as always, remember the families that have lost loved ones recently, especially our pastor Bill Jones and his wife Sandy.

I had a wonderful surprise Monday at the rec center. Our buddy, Matilda Parks, was there at the same time as I was. She has been away from the rec center for awhile during her cancer treatments. She looked so good and it did my heart good to see her walking that track again.

Also saw Shirley Combs and found out she was a sister-in-law to Margaret Combs, one of our good ole Marlowe people. And I also learned she was kin to the late Sharon Watts. Sharon and Rob’s daughter, Chasity, married my nephew, Blake Mason.


This kind of stuff used to bore me to death when Mom tried to tell me who was related to whose brother. But, here lately I find myself soaking it in. My sister, Lucille Tacket Graves, eats this stuff up and has all of her adult life. She takes trips to courthouses and graveyards just to find little jewels of our heritage. As a matter of fact, she and her husband John just took a trip to Caryville, in Campbell County in Tennessee where my dad lived until he was a teenager. They then moved to Marlowe.

Mary Isom Herron was the wife of Nerge Herron.

Mary Isom Herron was the wife of Nerge Herron.

Here’s another interesting conversation on the ‘Growing Up in Marlowe’ Facebook page about Nerge and Mary Isom Hurron. I’ve heard Mom mention the family so many times.

Mary and Petie Tuttle: My mom grew up in Marlowe holler, her parents were Nerge and Mary ( Isom) Hur ron. They moved from there when I was about two years old, so I don’t know much about their life there. If anyone knows anything about them please let me know. Thanks.

Lisa Diane King: That’s my Mamaw Dixon’s brother. Her name was Edna and she married Willie Dixon.

Mary and Petie Tuttle: Nerge was your Mamaw’s brother?

Hazel Hall: Ask Mom, she should be able to help you. Bertha Dye is her name.

Mary and Petie Tuttle: Hazel, I remember your mom, she was my patient when I worked at McDowell. I’ll have to try to get up with her.

Hazel Hall: She grew up there with them.

Ruby McDaniel: I remember your mom and dad. My mother was Martha Brown and she used to visit with your mom.

Mary and Petie Tuttle: Ruby, was your mom a midwife?

Ruby McDaniel: Not really, but she did help deliver some babies.

Mary and Petie Tuttle: If Martha Brown was the midwife around Marlowe, then she was the lady that delivered me at home.

Verna Jones Mary: I remember Nerge and Mary, they were our neighbors when I was little. I think Mary was the one who went and got the doctor when it was time for me. Believe she helped Dr. Collier deliver me. Daddy and Nerge worked together too. Loved both of them.

Mary and Petie Tuttle: I’m so glad I saw this post tonight, sometimes I think about Mom and Dad and how I never really knew anything much about their younger lives.

Verna Jones Mary: I remember Nerge getting drunk and singing.

Mary and Petie Tuttle: Dad talked about them getting drunk together.

Verna Jones: I remember a lot about LB and my brother Edd. I also remember you when you when you were very small.

Mary and Petie Tuttle: I wish I had asked Mom more about her life back then.

Lisa Diane King: Daddy and Mommy told me all about the people that used to live in Marlowe.

Mary and Petie Tuttle: I’ll have to get with her, I think I have her on Facebook.

Billy Hatton: Remember Nerge well, also Henry, Herbert, Marvin, Totsie. Went through Marlowe Grade School with them. Great memories!

Margaret Combs: I go to church with Henry and Marvin. Love this family very much.

Verna Jones: Lisa Diane King who was your mom and dad?

Lisa Diane King: Earl and Louis King.

Verna Jones: I remember them.

Lisa Diane King: My mamaw was Edna Dixon.

Lisa Diane King: We lost Daddy in April of this year, he was 77.

Lisa Diane King: Mommy is 74.

Verna Jones: Lisa Diane King, did he have a sister Mandy?

Lisa Diane King: Yes she passed away five years ago.

Lisa Diane King: But Linda and Pauline are the only ones left.

Lisa Diane King: Bill died in May and Mandy died in September of the same year.

Verna Jones: Is Earlene your sister?

Lisa Diane King: Yes.

Lisa Diane King: There’s David, Betty, Earlene, and me.

Verna Jones: I remember a lot of the people there, we moved from Marlowe I think when I was 11 years old.

Lisa Diane King: We moved from Marlowe 26 years ago. Daddy bought Kyle Campbell’s house.

Lisa Diane King: But I go right by Marlowe every day.

Verna Jones: Last time I was there was when my niece Sherry died, and was there when my sister Margaret Caudill died.

Lisa Diane King: The only houses left in Marlowe are Dan Combs’s house and the big house and the old shop, that’s all.

Verna Jones: Not the old Marlowe anymore but we will always have our good memories.

Lisa Diane King: Dan Combs is 97 years old now.

Lisa Diane King: He outlived every one of the old miners.

Verna Jones: Last time I saw him was when my brother Wid died.

Lisa Diane King: I see him a lot but he broke his hip awhile back and it had slowed him down some.

Lisa Diane King: He came to Daddy’s funeral and told me that Daddy started working for Marlowe when he was 12 years old. He worked in the shop until he got old enough to go to work on the tipple.

Lisa Diane King: Dan got remarried. He married Jimmy Caudill’s sister Penny.

Margaret Combs: Mandy was in the nursing home when my sister was there. She knew me every time I saw her. She would always say, “You’ve not changed at all.” Ha! I loved her and Pauline.

Lisa Diane King: Thank you, God bless. I’m her niece. Earlene King Dixon, Burton Mary and Petie Tuttle, Do you have any pictures of Nerge? I have never seen one of him before would love to see what he looked like. Mamaw and Dawn also had a brother we called Buck. I don’t know if that was his real name but everybody called him that.

Mary and Petie Tuttle: I did have one of him that Mom had given me. I’ll look for it and post it if I find it.

Mary and Petie Tuttle: I remember Mom talking about a man named Buck.

And ending here again with Oma’s famous ending, don’t forget to go to church this Sunday, and if your church has services Sunday evening or throughout the week God would want you there then, too.

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