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Mostly sunny

Former Sandlick resident misses her friends

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. The weather has been beautiful. It’s been a good week!

It’s time for our little visit again, so pull up a chair and get a cup of coffee, and I hope I don’t get too boring.

I had a nice call the other day from Eunice Mounts, formerly of Sandlick. She has been gone a long time and misses all her friends. She thought I wouldn’t remember her, but I did. She was pleased to see the pictures of Ada Miller King. She said they were best friends, and graduated from Whitesburg High at the same time — or maybe Ada left school to marry her sweetheart, Arthur King, who was in the service. She wanted a phone number so she could call her.

We were sorry to hear of the death of our former judge, Ruben Watts of Blackey, and also of the death of Kathleen Reed Brown, who lived in Whitco for many years. We offer our sympathy to both families. I was sorry I couldn’t go to either funeral. Whitesburg

My sister, Betty Tyree, and Burtis came out to my house last week and I cooked dinner for us. I hadn’t cooked for anyone in a long time, and I enjoyed it. I really like to cook, and am about out of practice.

My son Rob in Owensboro, is a happy camper this weekend. His daughter, Rocki, and her husband Matt Hill and their little cutie Elise, are coming for the weekend. He gets so excited when his children and grandchildren come to visit. Don’t we all?

Dorothy Tackett, I was glad to get the old pictures in the mail. Your friends and family will see them next week.

You wouldn’t believe the response I get from my pictures. Someone from somewhere always calls or writes about them.

Dorothy wanted to tell her brother, Hugh Pennington, hello, and she loves them, and to tell her Marlowe friends hello, Bertha Page Dye, Shirley Wells in Tennessee, and Ada Miller King in Miamisburg, Oh.

Ada, she said she loved the family pictures you sent. All these are my friends, too, and all the others. So a big hello from me also.

We had a nice little party for Linda Hatton ( my daughter-in-law). We had Larry and Sara and Chris Hatton and their children, Beau, Brooke and Gracie, also Wendy and Kevin Day and their sons, Rocky and Larry, and also Larry’s cute little dog, ‘Tater.’ Larry sure loves that dog, and the dog loves him!

Shirley Niece has been a patient in Pikeville Hospital. I’m glad to say she is home now and feeling really well. She loves that hospital and said they were all so nice to her.

We still have lots of our church people sick. I’m hoping they are better and will be in church on Sunday.

I’m so glad I will be getting the big pin out of the toe. I haven’t been able to kick anything in six weeks, so don’t make me mad. I can kick after it’s out (just kidding, I would kick you for nothing).

I sure did enjoy a visit with Earl and Juanita Profitt and their daughter, Doris Miller, on Valentine’s Day. I wanted to give them my Valentine in person. I hope I didn’t put them out. I stayed a long time and hated to leave. They are sure good company.

Sandra and Billy will be back from their cruise soon. I’ve missed them.

I talked with my son, Astor ‘Red’ Hatton, and they were all doing okay.

It was good talking to Virginia Profitt the other night. She enjoys living in Ashland, close to her son, Doug Profitt, but she misses all of her friends here. She asked about all of them. I try to keep up with all of them that I can.

We have a good friend, Irene Hicks, who is living in London, who is very sick and in need of prayer. She is the mother of Belinda Conn, Brenda Adams, Lora Allen, Wade Hicks and Kendall Hicks. They were all residents of Marlowe and are all scattered out.

I’m running out of news and making mistakes, so it’s time to quit writing.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able.

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