Whitesburg KY

Former Stuart Robinson students meet at car show

William “Dee-Dee” Stamper, son Jr. and grandbaby, all of Michigan, spent more than a week visiting with Arnetta Mae Slone. They had other family and kinfolk stop in to visit and play cards with them at Mae’s while they were here. Dee-Dee always enjoys his Kentucky visits and they enjoy having him.

Berma Matthews was pleased to have her sister, Glenda, and husband Doug, and their daughter Paula Adkins of Michigan, visiting for a few days recently. They were here for the Adkins reunion and Berma fixed dinner for them, Russell and Connie Blair, Donnie Q. Back, and Arlin and Terry Blair. They enjoyed visiting and having dinner together.

Also, during the recent 1967 class reunion, Berma had her former classmate, Sheila Smith of Michigan, staying overnight. They all enjoyed the class reunion and catching up with each other.

We hope Rob Campbell is feeling better after his recently hospital stay. He is having trouble with his lungs and hopefully the doctors have helped him to feel better.

The annual memorial meeting at the Caudill Cemetery at Red Star will be held on August 25 at 5 p.m. Dinner will be served after services and everyone is asked to bring a covered dish.

Susie Raglin really had a house full of company over the weekend when her son and daughter-in-law, Doug and Delores, arrived from Michigan with some of their children and grandchildren in tow. Also, her sister, Danola “Nolie”, and her family of Ohio, were there and their brother, Luther Adams of Morehead, too.

Some of the family stayed at the Stuart Robinson dormitory and while there, Luther Adams went to the car show held there for the Blackey Day festival. Luther saw former classmates Lee Pridemore and Carlos Dixon at the car show and really enjoyed seeing them. He hadn’t seen Carlos sine they got out of high school at Stuart Robinson years ago.

While here, Luther got word that his brother-in-law, Don Litton of Morehead, had suffered a heart attack and was in Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington.

We took Luther, Nolie, and Opal Banks and a truckload of Susie’s grandchildren over to the top of Bee Tree Fork to their mother and father’s (Sally and George M. Adams) graveyard on the top of the hill above the late Watson and Dorothy Combs’s homeplace. We then went on for a ride out of their old hometown area of Carbon Glow before dropping most of them back off at Stuart Robinson.

Roy and Barbara Culp recently spent some time in Ohio visiting Barbara’s sister, Kitty, and her family.

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