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Foundation raises money for nonprofits



• Don’t let your keys sink in the pool, lake or ocean this summer. If you’re taking them with you, make sure you add a flotation device. They sell keychains just for this purpose.

• “The dollar store is the best place for pool toys — they stock foam balls and all kinds of diving sticks and blow-up beach balls. I bring out lots when we go to the pool, and whatever kids are there can play with them. When we are ready to pack up, we’ll leave some behind if kids still are playing with them.” — C.A. in Arkansas

• Many shells have holes in them, and kids are natural collectors. If you want a fun car-ride-home project after a day at the beach, bring a craft needle (blunt) and some yarn or embroidery floss for each child. Have them thread shells onto the yarn. When flipped upside down, a Frisbee holds a selection of shells securely on little laps while they search for the perfect one! — JoAnn

• Do yourself a favor and invest in a net bag to take to the beach. Anything that’s sandy can be placed in the bag, then you just shake it off. Get one for dry items and another for sand toys — just dunk that one in the ocean for a rinse before you go!

• “There are a lot of ways to get your stuff out to the perfect sunning spot on the beach. My way is to dump all my stuff in a big laundry basket, which we pull with a rope. The flat bottom slides over the sand.” — R.D. in Florida

• “One thing you might not think to bring to the beach is bug spray. Sometimes there are sand fleas, and a little bug spray really helps.” — L.I. in Virginia

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The Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky, a funding resource for nonprofit organizations in Floyd, Clinton, Jackson, Leslie and Perry counties, has entered into a one-year partnership with Network for Good.

The partnership will help nonprofits develop the fundraising capacity to sustain their programs over the long-term.

The Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky acts as a catalyst for community collaboration and charitable giving. Network for Good recently launched a national strategy to build capacity among small nonprofits by working with private, family, corporate and community foundations.

Network for Good is a public benefit corporation based in Washington, D.C. Last year it merged with Chicago’s DonorPath.org and created a national program to increase resource generation in underserved communities and develop cooperative grant-making initiatives to support small nonprofits.

The Foundation recently moved to a new office in Hazard. For more information, visit AppalachianKY. org.

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