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Four celebrate 50th anniversaries

I hope all your gardens have done well. My friends and neighbors have shared their bounty with me and I appreciate it so much. I have some cabbage to work up this week.

Elmer and Alice Hall and daughter Ella Faye spent a few days at their home at Deane. Joyce said they washed their house down and did some visiting too. I know Arthur and Joyce loved them being home.

Also in from Georgia were Jerri Hall and her daughter Renee Ballou. Jerri and Renee brought Cheyenne Ballou, Lauren, Molly and Emma Hall to Camp Nathaniel last week. The girls are granddaughters of Doug and Jerri Hall. Cheyenne has won many championships for horse riding.

Our children, Kathy Adams, Katina Benton, Sharon Holbrook and Randy Isaacs, hosted a 50th anniversary party for Coolie, Janice, Clester and me at Pine Mountain Grill. We had a wonderful time and loved seeing so many of our family and friends there. God sure has blessed us in so many ways.

Many thanks for all the beautiful cards and gifts we received. We love you all. The girls got us a special gift that Clester and Coolie have really appreciated. Thank you, girls.

I saw Roy and Barbara Culp at Isom this week and enjoyed talking to them. It was good to see that they are both doing okay.

So sorry to hear that Sonny Hatton of Tiffin, Oh. has had a stroke. Sonny was so good to us when we moved to Tiffin and knew very few people. We will be praying for his speedy recovery. We love you, Sonny. Mary and Christina will make sure he behaves. His mom Sillar is such a special lady and of course we all know his Aunt Eva.

Linda Lou Sturgill and her sister Debbie Isaacs enjoyed a weekend together at their brother Tommy’s place in Tennessee. I know these girls had a nice time together.

Happy anniversary to Ronnie and Gina Dotson, and to Billy and Frieda Johnson. May you have many more years together.

Zandra Perry hosted a big birthday party for her husband Willie this past weekend. I won’t tell Willie’s age for the simple reason that he knows too much on me. So happy birthday, my friend, and hope you have 65 more!

David and Tonya Breeding Short are expecting, and Reece is going to be a big sister. Congratulations! I know Linda and Reece are excited.

Maxine was involved in an accident but thank God she wasn’t injured. She had some damage to her new car. That girl had a big time this weekend at Campbell’s Branch. She loves to go where the music is being played and she said the band and singers were great.

Janice and some of her girls were in Pigeon Forge this week. Brooke and Ashley kept busy.

Edsel, Carol and Kaylee came for a visit with Clester and me on Saturday evening. Kaylee wanted to spend the night, she stayed until about 11. She said, “Where’s your bed, Auntie?” Her next words were, “I wanna go to Mamma’s house.” I took her home and Edsel said when he got her out of the car she was snoring. We sure do enjoy that child.

Arna Mae Thomas fell and broke her foot this week and had surgery. We wish her the best. The sad thing is Vernon can run and get away from her, but oh I forgot, he can’t run.

Prayers for Pat Younce Ison, Danny Rose Sr., Rosa Bates, Freda McFall, Dwanna Isaac, and all who are sick.

Ernie, Regina and Kyle Branham have been visiting with their families this week. I couldn’t believe how big Kyle has grown and such a good-looking young man. Faye keeps me informed of how they are doing. We have been friends for many years.

Prayers for the family of Harvey Bentley; we had known Harvey for many years. I remember his dad and mom, and also Emma Jean’s family. They sure are good people. May God bless each family who has lost a loved one. It’s so hard to say goodbye.

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