Whitesburg KY

Four generations gathered for Easter dinner

Southern Ohio

Happy spring, everyone! The calendar says it has officially arrived. I think winter will stay around for a while. I am still watching my dwindling supply of propane gas.

I fixed green beans and carrots for supper, I mashed some up for my 14-month-old grandbaby, Bennie Weiderhold. He took one smell, puckered his mouth shut and started shaking his head no. The expression on his face was priceless! No, he didn’t eat them regardless of my coaxing.

Did the Easter Bunny stop by your house with plenty of eggs and chocolate? I should have asked did you go to church? I have no right to ask because I didn’t go myself.

On Easter, my daughter, Kay Gray, called to ask me to meet her and the family to eat out. Her brother, Keith Ballard, and I met them at Montgomery Inn down on the riverfront in Cincinnati, Ohio. Eating together were Clarence and Kay Gray and three of their children, Jamie, Jodi, Jennifer and her husband Tommy Proctor, and Samantha, T.J., Austin and Devon Proctor, Keith and me.

We all had a good time being together. Thanks to Kay and Clarence for taking everyone out for Easter.

There were four generations together. Eeven though we live fairly close to each other we don’t seem to get together too often.

My great-grandchildren Samantha and T.J. are really growing. Jennifer’s husband has two little boys who are so cute. The oldest is six and while waiting for the food to served, he flagged the waitress down and asked where was his hamburger?

I have been a busy grandmother. I kept my three granddaughters, Sarah, Jessica, and Katelyn Nottingham, overnight, then the next afternoon I picked up my six-year-old great-granddaughter Samantha Jo Gray so I had a four- year-old, two sixyear olds, Sarah is nine and of course little Bennie.

I took them to a playground at Rising Sun, Ind. I stopped at Tandy’s IGA store, bought some food, and they had a picnic lunch on the playground. I sat on a small, flat, multi-colored spinning merry-go-round. Bennie thought his legs were long enough to help me push.

I may never be voted mother, nor grandmother of the year, but my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are my life. Family is so important to me.

While the kids and I were at the playground, a little boy accidentally knocked his soccer ball over the fence into the Ohio River. His grandpa straddled the fence, walked down the hill, and stepped into the Ohio River up to his knees to retrieve the ball. I asked him how did he know how high the river was? He said he really didn’t know. I told him that would have been a lost ball because there’s no way I would have stepped into the muddy water. I stay in hot water enough but I don’t want any part of the mighty Ohio!

I received a phone call from a fellow who reads my column and claims he is psychic, Larry Roark. I met Larry a few years ago at a bluegrass festival at Friendship, Ind. Larry is a very good singer and musician. Ancil Trivett, The Country Gentlema,n plays his CD’s on his program early of the mornings.

I didn’t realize that Larry and a band had performed as much as they had. I really enjoyed talking to Larry.

I haven’t been able to listen to WMMT very much due to my grandchildren being here. I missed out on listening to a couple who sat in for the Country Gentleman while he was off. Her name is Kentucky Girl and her husband is Old Red. Sorry I didn’t catch the real names. They played a cut from a CD they wrote that I really like. Their band is called Kentucky Red. I hope these two get a program of their own in the near future.

I heard them talking of getting up at 3 a.m. to get ready for the show. I have been there, done that, and to think all you have to do is turn on my computer and hear the music I love coming through my computer. I really appreciate all the volunteer DJ’s do, especially with the price of gas going out of sight. If the Country Gent has to be away from his show again, I hope these two are back again.

Bobby Joe Pass and his wife Madonna didn’t have “Bobby Joe’s Gospel Jubilee” Saturday as they took a trip to the mountains.

I received a phone call from a former Letcher County gal, Sarah Jane Hall (maiden name) who makes her home in Louisville. Sarah Jane was inquiring about Betty Ison; there’s going to be a Class of 1958 reunion.

Happy birthday to Betty Ison April 8. Usually Betty and Doyle spend this time of year in the Smokies. They both have appointments so their trip will have to be postponed.

I told Betty as quick as it gets warm she will find me with a thermos of coffee sitting on her beautiful deck some morning. I will be enjoying the view and listening to the birds and waiting for Doyle to serve breakfast.

Happy birthday to my anonymous friend April 4, who will be 65. I am glad I was taught to respect my elders since he is older than I am. He and his wife called to check on me several times when the water was so high.

This water came up so very fast it was scary, however it went down as fast as it came up, except the Ohio River which is still out of its banks.

How many saw the house floating down the river in Arkansas? When there’s a flood it always reminds me of the 1957 flood when Mommy and Daddy (Clayton and Ora Hall) lived at Roxana.

Gwen Huff Farmer has been in touch with Herb Halcomb of Washington again by phone. Gwen says it has been over 60 years since she and Herb have seen each other.

Herb stopped to see Dover Cornett last year on his way to see his brother, Hillard Halcomb, in western Kentucky. There are two Hillard Halcombs; one is an uncle to my brother, Richie’s, wife, Wanda.

I really miss hearing from the Whitaker bunch. I know the holidays are rough for them.

Emma Lou Engle, I would like if all who write would get together sometime. It was such a pleasure meeting you last year at Pine Mountain Grill, and the few times I have talked to you on the phone are very delightful.

Hello to the Jones boys, Levine and Bruce, and a big special thanks to Bruce for his concern about Richie, who is doing really well, though his right leg is swelling.

My sister, Loretta Church, is having surgery April 7. This woman has been through the mill.

I can’t forget my young reader Devon Cornett. Little guy, you be sure to study hard and make good grades in school. Take care of your mama, Monie Cornett, who is still recovering from an accident.

My brother, Jerry Hall, called to say that the wife of his friend, Paul Dent of Michigan, had died. Paul and Bennie’s mother was a neighbor of Jerry and Mattie. My sympathy goes out to the family.

I talked to Betty Kelly. Things still aren’t good in her family. Betty and Barefoot Bill are learning how to use a computer.

Shirley Wells has been busy with her family, too, and we haven’t been on the computer at the same time very much. Shirley is feeling a little better.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are beginning to get some relief from this flu bug that has them in its grip.

I talked to Eveleen Ison and Sadie Ison Hayes of Taylor Mich. They are the daughters of the late Chicken Lil and Judy Ison from Kingscreek. Sadie had a mild heart attack, but she is OK. I didn’t know that both she and Eveleen have heart trouble. It was a pleasure to talk to these girls that I haven’t seen since I was a kid at Roxana.

Margie Ison, I think I have figured out who you are. If I am not mistaken you were an Akemon and you have a brother, Jeff Akemon. If you are the same person, I was friends with your mom also when you lived on Georgetown Ridge not too far from me.

Well, my dear readers, once again that clock is giving me the wicked evil eye saying get dressed and get busy. Until next time. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email:Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone 513-367-4682.

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