Whitesburg KY

Four small meth labs discovered at Burdine

Four methamphetamine labs were found in a wooded area near an apartment complex in Jenkins on Sunday about 50 yards away from where children often play.

“One of the residents was out looking for dryland fish and came across it and notified a manager,” said Jenkins Police Sgt. Jim Stephens. “I’m sure kids pass through there five or six times a day.”

The Kentucky State Police disposal team destroyed the one-step meth labs found near the Mountain Breeze Apartments at Burdine.

All four “labs” were comprised of plastic Sprite or 7-Up bottles, brake fluid and other ingredients used to make meth. Stephens said the bottles, which had tubing coming out the top, looked like they had baking soda in the bottom.

“This stuff is happening in our area,” said Stephens. “It is not just something you see on TV. It’s a real public safety issue.”

Stephens said he is worried that a child may come upon one of the dangerous meth labs.

“If a kid comes up and sees it and tastes it, they will die,” said Stephens.

He said the new manager of Mountain Breeze Apartments is trying to make the area a safe environment for children.

The Fleming-Neon Police Department also helped in the investigation. No arrests were made.

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