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Four-wheeler has become the new Christmas sleigh

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful beginning of fall. The cool days, but not too cool. My rose bushes have been so beautiful in the last week or so. I think they like cooler weather.

I hope all are doing well in health, and enjoyed all the festivals. I didn’t get out to any of the festivities. I haven’t felt that well. Age is slowing me down I guess.

I dread the cold winter months now, but I used to love it. To decorate for all the holidays to come, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and oh! Christmas was always the one I looked forward to.

All the pretty decorations, colorful lights, the Christmas parades. I enjoyed getting in the parade with having the Christmas sleigh filled with toys for all the children along the street.

I decorated my fourwheeler and Randy and I made the sleigh. It was so pretty.

The elves walked along beside me and gave out the gifts to the children, and my brother-in-law Don Disney headed the one with the candy.

We had such good times. One of the years especially, when my two little grandsons came and jumped on my four-wheeler and they enjoyed it so much, to get to ride with me while waving at all their friends they went to school with.


Great memories and good times. One year I had Santa Claus. That was fun.

What do you think about the 2016 election? It seems a bit crazy to me at this time. I think most people are thinking the same way.

I am watching TV, Judge Jeannie. She is a great and funny person to watch. She knows what to say and to get you interested in her. She likes my candidates.

I’m supposed to go to have cataracts taken off, but I’m not feeling well enough to do it at this time.

My heart has been skipping beats, and I will go to the doctor if I’m not better soon.

It is dreary and I want to see about that first. Just say a prayer for me to be okay and I can get the surgery on my eyes later. I started feeling bad last night.

I have arthritis in my hands, back, and my feet are bad also. It sure slows a person down.

I’ll have my 87th birthday on Oct. 23. I can’t believe that I’ve lived that long. But I’m so thankful for my life and for all my loving family and so many friends.

Many have already left me, and oh, I miss them so. But, one day we will be together again and never have to part again.

My cousins in Indiana are all feeling bad, and my precious brother Emory is so sick in a Marion, Ind., nursing home. I’m not able to go see him, and it hurts so bad.

My brother-in-law, Don Disney is sick with kidney stones and has been under a doctor’s care for three weeks. It’s big and so hard that the doctor tried to bust it and couldn’t, so he has to wait so long to have it done again. I pray that he gets that over with soon.

My sisters Georgia Fay and Judith Gail are not in good health either. Keep them all in your prayers. My brother Elonon is doing fair. He had a birthday the 2nd of September and turned 80 years old.

My brother-in-law Don Disney and his daughter had birthdays on the 29th.

Hello to my Arizona friend and family. I loved the pictures and the tape.

I’ll write again soon. With love to all.

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