Whitesburg KY

Four wrecks seen on way to Michigan


My son Justin and my nephew Josh Dixon left out Friday evening to Lincoln Park, Mich., to visit with Jessica Sparks, her girls Kaydance and Kameran, and some of her other family. I wanted Justin to be home for Thanksgiving but I think they are planning on staying till Friday or Saturday. On the way there they came upon four wrecks. I just hope they have a safe trip home.

My sympathy to the family of Lee Gentry. He died at his home at Roxana on Nov. 16. He was 82. My parents used to, when we were little, take my sisters Terry and Debbie and me to a store he used to have over there a long time ago.

Elijah Caudill got to come home from his Air Force training in Texas on Friday. He has been down there for about six months now. He is glad to be back home with his family for the holidays. He is the son of Tim Caudill of Blackey and Judy Caudill of Cowan.

Happy birthday to Donella Madden of Crases Cranch. It was on Nov. 19. Sara Porter of Catlettsburg has one on Nov. 26. She is the daughter of Virgil and Freda Combs of Carcassonne. April Back Stevens of Letcher has one on Nov. 28.

Bill Johnson of Woodrock has been in Pikeville Hospital. He has blockage, I’m not sure where. His grandson Shane Dixon has to have surgery in Lexington for the facial injuries he got when he was involved in a bad wreck back in 2008.

Myself, my husband Lee Roy, my daughter Jennifer Damian, and Kaleb Miller all went to Knott County over the weekend to a early Thanksgiving dinner at Lee Roy’s aunt’s, Ann Frazier. It was nice being with all the family and Annie Granny is such a good cook. We had a good time.

Congratulations to Andy and Nicole Adams of Redfox on the birth of their baby boy. Kayden Wade Adams was born on Nov. 15 and the proud first-time grandmother is Marie Stamper of Blackey.

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