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Fourth graders have perfect attendance

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Hoping all is well this week.

We went to Farmer’s Market on Saturday and were really disappointed. Very little produce. Other booths were selling other things not related to produce at all.

The one in Greensburg, Ind., had tents all down one side of the street with all kinds of beans, tomatoes, corn, squash, peppers, fruits etc. It was not a yard sale or flea market. Just saying.

The people were all friendly at the Whitesburg market. Just not what I expected. No green beans anywhere.

Paige Brown came out to see my new kittens that are three weeks old now, and adorable. She is in the fourth grade, and they got perfect attendance. I believe they do it on a weekly basis. When they do, they get to read The Mountain Eagle. I thought that was neat. She said that both fourth grade classes had perfect attendance. Congratulations to them.

Was sorry to hear that the former Sharon Miles died in Lexington or somewhere else, and was brought back here for burial. She was a daughter of the late Edith and Elmer Miles. She was another playmate of Kathy and me when we were younger. Had not seen her after she got older.

My sympathy goes out to Lavonne Nash, Sherill Miles and their sister Joyce and the rest of her family.

Happy second birthday to Haley Sturgill on Sept. 1. She is a granddaughter of Teresa and Charles Sturgill, and looks just like her dad, Charles Ray. I don’t remember her mother’s name. Haley is a cutie.

Pam and Marvin Taylor will be married 13 years on Sept. 1. Congratulations to them.

Happy birthday to Bro. Elwood Cornett on Sept. 2.

Shelby and the late Bobby Bockover would have been married 54 years on Sept. 5. Keep Shelby in prayer on that day.

Joyce Wilson, happy birthday on Sept 6, and Yvonne Pack Day on Sept. 8. Hoping you ladies have a wonderful day.

My mother, the late Mary Fields, died 19 years ago on Sept. 3. She would have been 89 years old if she were still living. I miss her every day. She was not only my mother, but my best friend as well. She died on her sister’s birthday, the late Ella Maggard, so it was a really sad time that day.

All the family was in and Ella was going to spend the day with Mom. Bill Maggard Sr. was home and had to go to the hospital. Mom was at Kathy and Eddie’s, and she was sent to the hospital. When they coded Mom, the niece of Bill thought it was him. She did not know Mom was at the hospital until she saw us in the waiting room.

Well, back to other things.

My uncle, Isom Fields, called the other day. His daughter, Elena, had a heart attack. No damage was done. Thank God that she is okay.He calls to check on everyone. I usually like to give him a rough time.

If anyone has any greasy beans, granny beans, shuckie beans or fall beans, please give me a call at 633- 0439. I have not been able to find any.

Agnes Maggard is doing fair. She called the other day and said it was really hot in Indiana, grass is turning brown. I told her we have had rain, thunder and lightning. I guess we are blessed. Later they were supposed to get rain.

I love the weather we have been having. It’s kind of different for August. I like cooler weather. Can’t stand it hot and humid.

Hoping to see my granddaughters soon. Ashley is supposed to be coming down. Hope she brings Michaela and Becca with her. Sure do miss them, as well as my son, Chad, and daughter-in-law, Amber. Hard to believe the girls are 21, 18 and 15. No wonder James and I feel old. Mike will be 42 on Aug. 26, and Chad will be 38 in April. My how time flies. We are truly blessed.

So sorry to hear about Jake Lucas. I didn’t know him. Seems like he was a real nice guy, and he will live on in other people. Sympathy goes out to his family.

Well folks, I have rattled on enough, so until next time, God bless.

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