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Fourth of July is a time to reflect on our great nation

To the Editor:

The Fourth of July is a time to reflect on the history of our great nation, what has made it great and vow to keep it that way. The setup of our government and the functions have made it great. We do not need our large, powerful nation to have a tiny government.

Our founding fathers set up our government in a way that had much in common with how Frederick the Great organized the Prussian government, in a fashion that made it a leading nation. In Prussia, religious tolerance was important under Frederick the Great, but churches could not stand in the way of science nor take on roles of government.

Separation of church and state was important here. Good general education was important in Prussia. Here, Thomas Jefferson saw free public education as the very cornerstone of democracy. It also lifts millions out of poverty, puts them on the pathway of success. Public roads and infrastructure were important in Prussia as in the United States.

Our country has free speech and free press, which are basic to freedom. It took many, many years for slavery to end, women to get the right to vote, and non-discrimination to come about. We can rejoice in that progress but need to always work to protect such rights.

Some people feel discontent with the way things are, progress not being made, and other matters in regards to our government. Maybe what is carried on some of the news media is getting in the way of what our great nation could do if we all pull together, get on a course to tackle some of our biggest problems and greatest threats.

Steve Jobs talked to Rupert Murdock a couple of years ago and told him that Fox News was an “incredibly destructive force in our society.” Misdirection of the people of our country and the nation seems to be what Fox News is about, as well as promoting privatization of public education, infrastructure, health care, national resources, deregulation of rules and policies that protect vital water resources and public health — all for the gain of some ultra rich that have little shared interest with the common man or the good of the nation.

Racism, disrespect for the office of the President are but tools in the hands of the Fox News.

The future we want for the country is not one Murdock from Australia is bringing us for his and his pals’ good fortune. Tearing the country down and apart, being so very negative hurts the common man.

Let us pick leaders who can lead and not tear down progress made in our lifetime.

Clintwood, Va.

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