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Fracking firms don’t know location of drinking water

The oilfield service companies that perform hydraulic fracturing for natural-gas companies told congressional investigators they don’t know when they drill wells into rock strata that may be sources of drinking water.

The admission by the companies prompted Democratic Reps. Ed Markey of Massachusetts and Henry Waxman of California, the House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman, to ask “10 oil and gas producers who hire the service companies to provide a list of all hydraulically fractured wells in or near such sources,” Mike Sorghan of Environment & Energy

Waxman’s letter to well operators asking for the information also sought information on recovery and disposal of “produced water” and other fluids that come back out of the well.

Some of the companies who told investigators they didn’t know which wells were located near drinking water sources signed a memorandum six years ago with the Environmental Protection Agency agreeing not to use diesel fuel in such wells.

“It is not clear how the companies could honor the agreement if they did not know whether they were pouring chemicals into sources of drinking water,” Sorghan writes.

Source: The Institute for
Rural Journalism and Community

Issues, Lexington.

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