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Francis Whitaker home from hospital


Everyone, please keep your property like motorcycles, ATV, etc., locked up. My son Justin had his 2009 motorcycle stolen a couple of Sundays ago in the middle of the day right out of his driveway over here on Carcassonne. So please be careful with your stuff .

Update on Francis Whitaker of Carcassonne. She was moved to a hospital in Pikeville that does her rehab and then on Thursday she was able to come home. She is talking and doing so much better, which is great news after what she has gone through.

Happy birthday to Christian Miller of Roxana. He was two on March 6. He is the son of McKenzie and Beck Miller, and the grandson of Phillip and Carrie Kincaid of Roxana and Billie Miller of Blackey. He had a party at Calvary College at Letcher with family and friends.

Rick Whitaker of Linefork has been in Hazard ARH. He was having heart problems and they did a heart catherization on him last week. He is back at work and doing well. They found no problems.

Happy birthday to Martha Burns of Blackey. It was on March 1.

David Eldridge of Elk Creek had one on March 7, and also Allen “Dock” Fugate has one on March 24.

My mom, Jean Blair of Elk Creek, has not been feeling well and is having some health problems. I hope she can get straightened out soon.

The Letcher Class of 1970 will be having its 40th high school reunion on Saturday, June 5, from 7 till 11 p.m. at Pine Mountain Grill in Whitesburg. For more information, you can call June Blair at (606) 633-4168.

Hubert Eldridge of Elk Creek will be taking care of the mowing and upkeep of the Pearl Dixon Cemetery at Blackey again this year. He has been caring for it many years now, and with the high price of grass and hiring someone to help him he would appreciate all the help and donations he can get. You can send them to Hubert Eldridge, 58 Mushroom Dr., Blackey, KY 41804, or you can call him at (606) 633-2444.

Michelle Caudill of Carcassonne has been in the HARH. She went to the doctor with chest pains and they took her on to the hospital. They said she might have a blood clot on her lungs. I wish her the best.

Happy anniversary to Brandon and Shanna Adams of Carcassonne. It will be their fourth on March 25. And happy birthday to Brandon’s niece, Chloe Smith of Letcher. It’s also on the 25th. She is the daughter of Beau and Shelly Smith.

Happy seventh birthday to Summer Madden of Crases Branch. It was on March 15. She is the daughter of Tim and Donella Madden. Somehow she broke her arm while playing before she even had a chance to have cake and open presents. Her party was set for Saturday, which is when she broke it. She was taken to HARH, where they were to put a cast on Tuesday.

Kevin Arnold of Elk Creek has been in Pikeville Methodist Hospital for surgery on his shoulder. He had a seizure and hurt it. He came home on Saturday.

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