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Fred Ison dies four days after 79th birthday party


March 25, a birthday party was given for Fred Ison at his home on Lynn Branch. He was 79 years old. Fred was joking with everyone, saying he was 21 and still felt like it. He was really in good spirits. He ate a really good supper and got several presents. His girlfriend, Athea Fields, and her daughter, Brenda Stidham, and grandchildren, Donnie and Missy, came by and brought him several more presents. Fred said he really had a good birthday.

March 29, Wendy Ison called her daddy, Danny Ray Ison, to find out her Papaw Fred had just died. He went to sleep and just didn’t wake up. The funeral services were held at the Kingscreek Community Church.

Wendy sang “God on the Mountain” at the church services for her papaw, and Danny Fred, his papaw’s namesake, preached the funeral. I’m sure if Fred could have heard both his grandchildren he would have been proud. He used to sit and listen to Wendy sing all the time and would tell her he missed hearing her voice when she didn’t sing for him.

Myself and the family would just like to say thanks to everyone who came around and sat with the family and brought food or helped out with the grave digging and everything else that needed to be done.

Tanner Maggard is getting his horse ready to start showing. Marty Watts is also showing his horse.

Toby, Jessica and Tanner Maggard went on a short trail ride last Sunday. They can’t wait until warm weather so they can ride more.

Happy birthday to Danny Lucas, April 1; Bonnie Bolser of Miamitown, Ohio, April 17; Jim Howard, April 29; Sandy Roark, April 18; Atha Fields, April 28; Levonne Williams, April 27; and Sarah Jean Vanover, April 25.

Belated happy birthday to Brenda Stidham on January 4.

The PCX first annual concert was held Saturday, April 5, at Dilce Combs High School behind the LKLP office in Jeff. Jody from 106.5 and Benny Ray Bailey, who is a candidate for state representative of the 84th District, announced the bands and explained the purpose of the fund-raiser.

There was a pretty good turnout for the concert, which was raising money to put computers into the homes of school children whose families cannot afford them. You can contact Benny Ray Bailey, who teaches computer classes at Hazard Community College, or Robert Fannin at PCX.org for more information or to help you get a computer if you need one. They can also help you get classes if you don’t know much about computers.

All the bands had T-shirts and CD’s for sale. They were giving autographs and talking to everyone.

The bands included Lithium and Midlife Crisis. The members of Lithium are Ian Goff, bass; Matt Manis, lead singer; Jhonen D’Azc, lead guitar/vocals; Chris Goff, guitar; and Cam Jayne, drums/vocals. Information on the group be found on myspace.com/ lithiumky. The members of Midlife Crisis are from Hazard. They are Chuck Bradley, singer; Greg Hall, guitar/vocals; John Chester, bass guitar; Tim Engle, drums; and Tim Cody, keyboard. Information about Midlife Crisis can be found on www.miczone.com and myspace.com/midlifecrisisky.

Also performing at the concert were Dustin Smith and his band, who are from Knott County. You can hear his song, “My Home Knott County” on 106.5. Dustin and his wife, Angie Smith, live in Lexington. They came along with the other three bands Stitch Rivet, Chizel, and Lithium.

Midlife Crisis performed last year before Mark Chesnutt at the Mountain Heritage Festival.

Sandra S. “Sanky” Cornett died January 9. She was buried in Columbus, Ind. She was the 59-year-old daughter of Harold Foyster Stamper and Mattie Lou Day Stamper. Her sisters and brothers are Betty Carol, Mary Francis, Virginia Alene, Judy Ann, David Hays, Jonathan Harold, Rodney Kyle, and the late George C., who died in 1965.

Harold and Mattie Lou Stamper lived at Kingscreek by the old Hayes Stamper homeplace at Lynn Branch. All their children moved to Seymour and Columbus, Ind. That’s where they all live now, except for the ones that have died. The ones who have died are buried in Indiana.

David Hayes Stamper and his wife along with Judy Ann Stamper visited last summer with Lorene Roark and Sandie Ison and family.

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