Whitesburg KY

Fred Ison, Raleigh Fields admitted to hospital


Have you ever been around people and just sat and watched? I have these past few weeks. I like the ones who were raised on soup beans and ‘taters and now they act as though they were raised on caviar. You know, those nasty fish eggs the rich and famous eat.

People act as though if you laugh it’s a sin. Well, judge me if you like. I’ve been saved by Jesus Christ and I’m happy I can laugh. Maybe some think I have childish ways, but why complain all the time? If people would give one person a big smile, it could make them have a good day. I may be poor, but I am still rich.

I may not have money, but we eat and have a good roof and a year ago God gave us a car. Mine had broken down and Wendy was going to Youth at Truth Ministries and they prayed God would give us a car. A friend called a week later and gave us the car. So you see, faith goes a long way if you believe. Why sit and put people down, criticize, make fun, call them names? Why not get on your knees and pray? It takes a whole lot less energy.

For anything I’ve done in the past to hurt anyone, I’m sorry. If you cannot forgive, you can’t be forgiven. So I also forgive all those who have done wrong unto me. If you cannot forgive, it’s on your shoulders, not mine anymore. But I’m happy regardless. I can always smile and the only thing else I can say is try smiling, say something nice instead of a put down. And one more thing, my Father in heaven owns everything on this earth and all my riches are in heaven.

There is a lot of sickness still in the mountains. Hospitals have been full all week. Fred Ison, Wendy’s papaw, had trouble breathing Friday and he was admitted to Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital. He got to go home Sunday.

Vickie Boggs’s dad is in WARH. He isn’t doing well. I stopped in and chatted with Vickie and her mother, Jean Fields. Raleigh Fields is her father.

Eric and Jamie Boggs stopped in and saw how Fred Ison was doing. They were visiting their papaw, Raleigh Fields.

Torrence Holbrook Jr. stopped in and saw Fred Ison. His mother, Janice Holbrook, isn’t doing too well again.

A week ago last Sunday it snowed about eight inches of snow. Jessica Wells and Wendy Ison were riding boxes down the hill. They were having a good time. They flattened down the hill pretty well. So just remember if you don’t have anything to ride when it snows, cardboard is a good sled.

Wendy wanted me to ask everyone who reads this and who will pass it on that prayer is powerful when you have many praying. Pray for Fred Ison.

Lil’ Roger Noble told me he’s engaged to be married in April and of course I forgot most of what he told me. Congratulations to the both of you. You make a nice couple. God bless.

Happy 52nd birthday to Danny Ray Ison from his children, Wendy, Danny Fred and Lacey Ison.

The Kingscreek Community Church had its Easter play this past weekend. It went really well.

This weekend coming up is Easter. I sure hope the Easter bunny doesn’t pass up my house. I hope he leaves me all kinds of Hershey kisses.

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