Whitesburg KY

Freezing garden green beans

Another week has come and gone too, too fast. Howdy all, hope your week was a happy and peaceful one.

We finally got some much needed rain. A good one this time but almost too late. Red did pick quite a few beans. We have them on the stove, getting ready to let them bubble, then cool for freezing. We should have two or three large bags. I do love my green beans, cornbread and all else that goes with them. We had a most delicious red ripe tomato from the garden. Mmmm, mmm!

Red and I went to Ruggles to The Little Pilgrim Home Church the second week of the month. It was their sacrament time. I really thought there would be a huge crowd, but it was not like I remember the crowds there used to be at such times. We did get to see and talk with Ralph and Leona Caudill’s daughter, son-inlaw and granddaughter, Brenda, Billie and Amy Miller. I was so sorry to hear Ralph and Leona are both in ill health. I do wish them both well and my love and prayers are with them. We were all three at Stuart Robinson School together. Ralph is moderator of Little Ida Church in Ecorse, Mich.

Billy Wayne started a garage sale and I’ve been spending days helping. Bill works nights and sleeps mornings. It’s doing OK so far. In Elyria they are only allowed two sales a year, four days at a time, and have to get a permit. Not so here in Lorain.

Well, the last day of business for Engle’s Discount will be July 28. It’s really kinda sad.

Northeast Ohio

Ricky and Joyce returned from their trip. Bailee, bless her little heart, got pretty sick with strep infection and had to see a doctor who prescribed antibiotics. She’s much better now, for which we are all thankful.

Richard and Georgia got back from Letcher County. They had been down for the funeral of her cousin, Christine Kiser. I only met Christine once and that was years ago, while Mom was still at home. She and I were in Whitesburg and met Christine and her mom, Magalene. It wasn’t unusual for Mom and me to be in town. Sometimes we would spend a whole day just gadding about. We shopped, visited and always ate out. Our favorite place was the old Sugar Shack.

Not too long now till the Engle-Sergent picnic and I’m still trying to figure out what to fix. One thing we always take is a huge pot of green beans and plenty of cornbread. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone. I’m really going to miss Jeanie this year. She always helped me with preparing food and was my official veggie chopper (onions, pickles, celery, nuts and anything else needed). I’m hoping Christy can make it, hoping lots of nieces and nephews will be here. It will be nice to see niece Marcia Hall. It will be her first time at one of our picnics.

Red has talked with the two young ones in his family, sister Jean Hunsucker and brother Charles. Any of you Engles planning to come for the picnic? You do know it’s also for the Engle family, do you not?

I’m going to make this a short visit. I’m a wee bit tired and have another early day tomorrow. Ya’ll be good now, enjoy the rest of the summer and may the rest of your days and nights be filled with peace and love. Have a good un!

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