Whitesburg KY

Fried green tomatoes are a success

Blair Branch

I have to thank my dad and mom (Allen and Sylvania Whitaker) for their generosity. Our stomachs have really enjoyed it.

Last week, I heard a knock on the door and there stood my dad. Mom had sent him up to our house with some corn-on-the-cob for the boys. She knows how much they love it. The fact that it is straight from the garden makes it even more desirable.

Then Sunday, I went down to see them after church and Wilma’s baptism. I ended up coming home with two huge green tomatoes to fry. Keep in mind, I have never fried a tomato in my life. I sure didn’t take my lack of cooking skills from either of my parents. They both can cook really well.

Boy, did I have an adventure in the kitchen last night! The goal was to have my fried green tomatoes turn out as delicious as my mom’s, and I think I was pretty successful for the first try. Once I got the hang of it, the process was simple, but I can’t say the same about cleaning up the mess I made.

Mom had a doctor’s appointment at UK last week. They performed a biopsy on her transplanted kidney. There is no news yet on the results. I pray that God will bless us and allow this test to reveal what is causing the rejection, and that He will guide the doctors in the giving the right treatments. I admit that I am a selfish daughter. I want my mom to be healthy, and to be able to keep her with me for as long as possible.

Illness is all around us. The school nurse called Aug. 26 and asked that I come to pick up my child. I took him to the doctor, and he was diagnosed with strep throat. There is nothing worse than your child being sick. Remember your hand washing, everyone.

I hated to hear that my aunt, Wilma Halcomb, was admitted to Whitesburg ARH again on Aug. 24 with cellulitis in her left leg. She has been recovering from a fracture in the same leg.

Her granddaughter, Rachael Smith, was also hospitalized that same day with dehydration. Rachael spent only the one night in the hospital. I am so glad that she is doing better.

Dad went to the hospital to visit with Aunt Wilma. He said she seemed to be feeling pretty well, and she said they said her leg was doing some better. I hope she has a speedy recovery and comes home to Jake soon. He has been sick again too. Keep him in your prayers as well.

I would like to wish a happy birthday to Rebecca Dawn Blair- Ingram on Aug. 26. Rebecca is the wife of Chris Ingram. They have two adorable children, Nathan and Kristen.

I would also like to wish her twin brother, Kevin Blair, a happy birthday. Kevin and Rebecca’s parents are Richard and Marsha Blair.

Misty Hensley celebrated her birthday on Aug. 27. Happy birthday, Misty! Misty is the daughter of Juanita Hensley of Premium, and the granddaughter of Joy Watts of Premium and the late Green Watts. She is currently residing in Colorado with her daughter, Marya.

I would also like to wish my nephew, Gardner Allen Jent, a happy birthday on Sept. 5. Allen is married to Jessica Hall- Jent. They are the proud parents of Hayden Allen, and are living at Bottom Fork. Allen is the son of Opal Whitaker-Jent and David Lee Jent of Carcassonne.

Deidra Nicole Fields and Samuel Lee Gibson were married at the Cowan Old Regular Baptist Church on July 22. Deidra is the daughter of my sister Melissa (Missy) and Archie Wayne Fields of Cowan.

Samuel (Sammy) is the son of Ellis and Margie Gibson of Linefork. Missy asks that I send out a late thank you to everyone who came to the household shower and the wedding. They appreciate the gifts and all that everyone did to help out.

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