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Friend can’t be bought, sold

I have been at it again, thinking I mean. Sometimes too much, I guess.

I get to thinking about life in general and how it will unfold before you. Part of life’s mysteries may turn out in a pleasing way while some will not.

If part of life’s story doesn’t turn out in a pleasing way, one may start wondering what they did wrong, or what they should or shouldn’t have done in order for things to have turned out differently. But either way you look at it, life cannot be re-lived. You either get it the first time around or you don’t get it at all. As is the case with people.

If you want to make a stranger out of a friend, just loan that friend something, especially money. If they are sincere and honest they will repay whatever you loaned them. But on the other hand, if they are not sincere in their promise to repay you, the first thing you know they will start to shun you as if you had leprosy or some other awful disease.

To be honest, I had rather someone slap me as lie to me. At least I can turn the other cheek if they slap me, but if they lie to me all I can do is pray for them and hope they pray for themselves.

Also, if you have a friend, take care of that friend because they are priceless and precious. Sometimes time and distance will separate us from our friends, but if we haven’t offended them in some way they are still our friends even if we don’t get to see them.

A friend is something that is neither bought nor sold, just like our salvation, which is between us and the Lord and not mankind. A friend is just that, a friend, and a friend expects nothing in return for your friendship. They are not interested in your status in society, whether you are poor or well to do. They accept you at face value.

The outside of a friend may not be much to look at, but the inside is where it all begins. The outward appearance can often be deceiving because there may be hidden values on the inside where the eye cannot see.

I guess you could say it is like an ad in a magazine or on TV, and you order it. You will often find that things looked a lot better before you ordered it.

People are that way too, because they sometimes put on an outward show for people to see, when they are not portraying what they are really like.

That is why I have always said that if you could buy some people for what they are worth and resale them for what they think they are worth, you could make a tidy profit.

An unmarried woman may meet a dashing, goodlooking man and feel like she has made a real catch. The biggest fish in the lake, so to speak. But if she marries him, she may soon find out that she should have thrown him back into the water because he considers himself to be much too handsome to have to stoop so low as to do manual labor, so he expects her to do the manual labor while he turns into a couch potato and reaps the benefits.

When this happens the woman may do a lot of looking and thinking, and end up throwing her prize fish back into the water anyway because it is better to be a happy unmarried woman, than it is to be a miserable married woman.

To be quite frank about the matter, I had rather have an ugly old mule that will work than a sleek, beautiful horse that won’t work.

Believe me, I have seen a lot of ‘Honey, do’ husbands in my life. It’s “Honey, do this,” and “Honey, do that,” while they lie on the couch and get fatter.

I’ll leave you with this little punch: A man had a good job making good money. It was announced that there would be a drug test on a certain day. He gave a urine specimen and when the results were known it said that he was terminated. At them bottom of the notice was the reason for termination: Pregnant.

He had a vial of his wife’s urine in his pocket and had substituted it for his own, but she was pregnant and he didn’t know it.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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