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Friend or foe?



DEAR AMERICAN GIRL: My best friend is two-faced! She spends the entire weekend with me and talks about this girl. When the weekend is over, she is mean to me and talks to the girl about me! What should I do?

– Very Confused The words “best friend” and “twofaced” just don’t go together. Talk to your friend about what she’s doing, and explain how much it hurts. Let her know that you don’t want to listen to her talk about others either – that makes other girls feel just as bad as you feel. Everyone deserves honesty and respect from their friends. If your friend doesn’t change her ways, you’ll need to look for a new friend – a girl with one true face.

DEAR AMERICAN GIRL: I have two movie tickets – one for me, and one for a friend. The problem is that both of my friends know about it!

– One or the Other



You can handle this sticky situation two different ways. You could invite someone from your family to go with you instead. That way, there will be no hard feelings for you to worry about. Or, you could say to your friends, “I’d love to take both of you to the movie, but I can only take one, so to be fair, let’s flip a coin.” Then flip, but only flip once. Enjoy the show!

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