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Friends enjoy adventurous day

Hello again! My, how time passes when you are having fun! It seems like time is really passing fast as a week is gone in a blink of the eye, so it seems.

I hope this beautiful weather lasts a few more weeks, or at least until Blackey Days.

This morning I had to follow my son to drop his truck off at a garage to have something done. There was the most beautiful sunrise that I’ve seen in a while. Then the sun looked like it was as round as a washtub. Thank God for vision that I can see.

As I followed my son, my heart filled with pride as he took a motor and transmission from another truck and put into this one. Now I won’t tell you that he didn’t worry me to death as I saw how high he had the complete truck up on blocks to get underneath it

Southern Ohio

To be honest I silently hoped he could get it back together. In a few days he was back driving it. With the new cars he doesn’t have the tools or equipment to work on them.

When he runs into a problem, he goes to Auto Zone and they help him by looking up the problem then printing instructions out. Now I won’t tell you that he doesn’t do a lot of cussing, so I stay away so I don’t have to listen.

I have an appointment in a week or so to have a scope done to check on the precancerous cells in my esophagus, and to see if there’s any changes in the hernia. When the last scope was performed the doctor had to stop before it was finished as my oxygen level suddenly fell dangerously low. That was almost three years ago.

Friday, Vicki Power and I had an adventurous day. Vicki had to go to Cincinnati to get a couple of birth certificates. Now I am glad that Vicki is familiar with computers as it seems they must think everyone has knowledge of computers. I watched an older woman trying to figure out what to do with a younger person trying to help her. The older woman couldn’t hear and was having trouble following the younger person’s directions.

Finally the younger person took over to fill out the form. When asked what was the older person’s mother’s maiden name she replied she has passed. The girl explained it still had to be filled in but neither knew how to spell Calihan, before I thought I spoke up and spelled it for them.

Then when the younger person asked what was her dad’s maiden name I almost fell off my chair. The older woman explained he didn’t have one. Now the woman was young but not that young, and yes she was serious when she asked the question.

Finally an employee came over to help the older woman finish the process. Meantime a kiosk opened up and Vicki filled out two forms got the birth certificates and we were finally out the door.

I’ve always heard of Finlay Market in downtown Cincinnati, but I’ve never been. Vicki asked if I wanted to go since we were with a couple of blocks and could walk.

As soon as I walked in the door, I knew I had made a mistake as I could smell fresh meat. That was all I could see on both sides of the aisle as you walked through the building. I was very disappointed there wasn’t produce.

This is the first time in several months that Vicki and I have been on an adventure and it didn’t end with the trip downtown.

Friday night, we ventured to Oxford Community Arts Center in Oxford to a square dance. Jericho Old Time band played, which is made up of Dale Farmer, Amy Clay, and Warren and Judy Waldron. Judy does the calling for the square dance.

Since I was very tired and by this time, I wasn’t feeling very good, I told Vicki that I would just sit and listen to the band and enjoy the music.

Vicki and I were the only two women, and there was one man across the room, he made his way and asked if I wanted to dance. Vicki doesn’t dance and I really hated to leave her sit by herself.

I ended up dancing for two hours with just a few minutes break in between. Judy called some calls that I’ve never heard much less danced, but I didn’t mess up any at all.

The last one she called was the Virginia reel. I danced that one time at Carcassonne Community Center, and didn’t mess it up. This was called a little different, and except for getting very dizzy I enjoyed every minute. Vicki and I left before the complete square dance was over.

Yes, I will be going back again. The square dances are held the first Friday every month, at Community Arts Center, 10 S. College St. in Oxford.

As Vicki and I were in the parking lot, there was something in the parking lot that I have no idea what it was except it possibly could be chestnuts. They were bigger than acorns, yet was similar, except they had a rough-like texture with spikes on the hull. Vicki said it was a buckeye, and I replied no, and said I believe it is chestnuts.

Mom loved chestnuts as she would bake them in the oven when she could get them when I was growing up. I’ve heard some chestnuts are edible and some not. I haven’t got to talk to Judy Waldron to see if she knows exactly what these are.

As I said I will be going back to another square dance before bad weather sits in and I will have to stay home.

There’s no place can compare to Carcassonne Community Center. I love that place even if I never get to dance. I am satisfied to sit and enjoy being in that building. Thanks to Mike and Marcia Caudill for all they do.

Don’t forget Blackey Days on Oct. 12 and 13. Again, I don’t know why this means so much to me, as I really didn’t grow up in Blackey. Like I said before, my grandparents John and Betty Barton lived in Woodrock and John died when I was very young. I started going to Mom Barton’s when I was about 10 years old.

I would walk down the railroad tracks and sometimes across Mill Branch then down Pratt Fork, and then down in Woodrock. I would walk the dirt road from Roxana to Blackey, and I hated that bad curve as you got close to the swinging bridge going over to Woodrock.

I still hate to drive on that road even though I do occasionally. I also hate to ride with someone who drives what I feel is too fast for that road.

Belated happy birthday to Ann Calihan on Oct. 7. Ann celebrated being 88 years old. I tease her children and tell them that she held me in her arms before she did them. Johnny and Ann never seem to age. I pray they are around for many years to come.

Ann’s children came to visit her to help her celebrate. She had two special visitors as Ashley brought their granddaughters, the preemie twins, to get and give lots of love. Ann had her pumpkin pie from Frisch’s for her birthday instead of cake

Saturday and Sunday I had two bad days, so I didn’t get to take Ann a birthday card.

My granddaughter Katelyn Nottingham is in the Color Guard at Beechwood High School Band. Beechwood Color Guard came in first place at a competition.

I’ve not been able to go very much to watch Jessica who is in Beechwood Marching Band, nor Katelyn, due to health reasons.

My grandson Kyle Nottingham is in soccer. Sarah Nottingham is doing great in her studies at NKU.

My little sidekick Bennie is having trouble adjusting to junior high this year. I am afraid that my daughter Angie will pull him out and home school Bennie.

I don’t know anything about home schooling. One teacher gave every student a cookie, except Bennie. Evidently Bennie wouldn’t stand still so this is the way she punished him. If you ask me that was a poor way to treat any child. If Angie doesn’t call the principal, I am going to report her myself.

I am so thankful my children are grown and I don’t have to face these problems every day.

Hello to Les and Pat Wagner. I hope things are going all right with you.

Thanks again for everyone attending Letcher County picnic.

Hayward Day and Kim, thanks for the pawpaws. Even my son Keith enjoyed them.

My sympathy goes out to the family of Arnold Mullins of Roxana or Kingscreek. The fundraiser for Kingscreek Fire Department was cancelled until further notice.

I made a mistake, as it was to be held at the fire department not the community park. Bill Meade is supposed to reschedule this event.

Well, I am running late due to helping my son. Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email:Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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