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Friends had lots of catching up to do

I hope everyone had a blessed week.

My friend Greta Taylor Joseph came by this past week and spent some time with me. We had a lot of catching up to do. She and I have been friends for many years. She lived at Whitaker and I lived at Colson, but my Uncle Manis Sturgill lived next door to them and I visited with his family and got to know Greta. She is the daughter of Carl and Daisy Taylor. She and her husband Doug live in Louisville.

Jean Cook came over for a visit and to bring the mail for the Historical Society. She does so much for me and Lord knows I can use all the help I can get. It’s a big job to keep up with the mail and all the other things but she does it and makes it look easy. Thank you, Jean!

Raymond and Annette Isaacs are enjoying their granddaughter, Meghan Polly. Meghan lives in Lexington, but she loves to visit with her grandparents and other family here in Letcher County.

The Colson seniors have had a busy week. They went shopping, out to eat, played Bingo and a lot of other things. Linda Sturgill went with the Boone Fork seniors to the Ky-Va Fair at Wise. She got first runner-up in the beauty pageant. She was so excited.

Bruce and Linda’s granddaughter, Jade Cook, went to Kings Island with the school. Jade is growing up so fast.

Prayers are being requested for Bubby Vance. He has lung cancer. We have known Bubby for a long time and wish him the best.

We were so sorry to hear of the deaths of Billy Madison and Donnie Seals. May God bless their families. Nettie, we are thinking about you.

Anna Lee Thomas has been in the hospital very sick. Thank God she is doing better. Brenda went out to have coff ee with her and found her on the floor.

I talked to Dr. Bill Adams this week, and he is going through all his papers and sending us some wonderful materials for our newsletter. His dad was G. Bennett Adams. He misses his sister Ruby June, as we all do.

Edsel, Carol and Kaylee visited with us one evening this week, and we enjoyed Kaylee so much. Every time their doorbell rings she hollers ‘Auntie,’ God love her heart.

Keith and Kaylee went to the graduation on Friday night. Sunday, they went to Jesse Quillen’s birthday party. Jesse is their neighbor, and the son of Jack and Krystal Quillen.

Colson center is having a country potluck dinner on Friday, come and be with us. Oh, the Food Line Boys are going to be there.

Debbie Pennington will be at the center this week doing screenings and a talk on nutrition.

Get well wishes to Brice Baker, who had a tussle with some logs and messed up some fingers. I know that must have hurt like the dickens. I hope he doesn’t lose any of his fingers.

This week I talked to Gleadith Duncil, and her daughter wants some property in this area. Jean King called and we had a nice visit. She and Lawton are doing pretty well.

Take the time to check on your neighbors. I tell Rick and Phyllis Yonts all the time to make sure I’m still up and about, and Rick tells me that works both ways. I have the best neighbors in the world.

Happy birthday to my friend, Marsha Banks. I had to miss the Art Walk, but I saw the pictures of the Red Hat Girls and they looked great.

Our deepest sympathy to the Addington and Adams family. Jean died Sunday night in Huntington. Also, our sympathy to Anna Mae Cook, who lost a brother this past week.

May God bless everyone.

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