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Friends meet at bluegrass music show

Southern Ohio

Hello again everyone!

Oh how I hate to see summer come to an end so fast. As this morning in the Harrison, Ohio area it sure is chilly!

I would like to open my windows at night, however it is too dangerous anymore to leave them open during the day much less at night. I can remember as a child how Mommy would open windows early of the spring and unless it rained I don’t think they were closed all day, I think she did close them at night, afraid something would crawl in. We weren’t afraid of people breaking in because the only lock was a wooden latch that would pop if the door was pushed against. Now you can have steel doors and it won’t keep out crooks if they want in bad enough.

Vickie and I took a short drive then stopped in Lawrenceburg, Ind. for a bite to eat. The next day we went to Flatland Bluegrass Barn to enjoy some music. Flatland Bluegrass Barn is located on the outskirts of Bath, Ind. This is a very nice place to spend a Sunday afternoon. Sue and Don Treadway are the owners, and there are food and beverages available!

Vickie doesn’t dance, however she has learned to like bluegrass music, I laughed when she made a remark pertaining to someone’s picking.

On the way to Flatland I told Vickie I wished I had called Polly Ann Maucher to see if she was going. We hadn’t been there 20 minutes when Polly sat down behind us.

After church Polly came to Harrison to eat. She said she thought about calling me too. Vickie really laughed about that remark.

I did get Polly to dance one dance, which I enjoyed very much. This has been about three times that Polly has gone to Flatland Bluegrass Barn.

I wish Coolie Jr. Calihan and his family would come back, as I really enjoyed his part of the show.

Vickie and I went to Cincinnati, Ohio and afterward we stopped at Perkins for a bite to eat. There goes my weight watching.

I really have become a run-around as Vickie and I went to the Whitewater Senior Center to listen to music for a while. Polly Ann Maucher was there also. My son Keith Ballard has sure made some improvement in his health issues. He came by the house and mowed the grass and worked on his truck. When he is ill I feel like I have lost my best friend as I am very close to this son of mine!

My daughter Anna Nottingham sent me a website on the computer about a place called Christmas Ranch which is close to Kings Island, saying we should go check it out. I bet one thing I will dress warmer than I did when Vickie and I went last year to see the Christmas lights. Does anyone have an extra pair old long johns they can spare?

Maybe my dear friends Carl and Willa Mae Boggs have an extra pair they will let me borrow! I promise I will wash and return them!

Willa Mae hasn’t been feeling very well. I hope she gets to feeling better as she and Carl would like to go camping before the weather turns cold.

I really feel special as during my lifetime I have been blessed to know two women by the name of Willa Mae. Of course I have a couple of real good friends that share the same name of Betty.

Doyle Ison took the new addition to their family, a 1949 Ford, to a cruise-in at Aurora, Ind.

There’s a car show Sept. 12 at the VFW Post which is next door to where we live. I hope I see Doyle and Betty Ison’s car or cars there on display.

I have been to a car show a couple of times. There are sure some old beauties there that have been restored. I sure wish there were body shops for people. Well, I guess there really are if you can afford it.

Congratulations to Marisa Calihan who will be on the show “Survivor”. I received a very sweet call from Jewell Calihan of Hamilton, Ohio telling me that her granddaughter Marisa, daughter of Clay Calihan, will be in the show “Survivor” that will be on Sept. 17. I know that Clay is bursting with pride. Congratulations to Marisa and the whole family.

Genita Calihan’s daughter Lesa Turner sent me an email saying something about Marisa Calihan. I didn’t know who she was. It makes me proud to hear of something like this happening to anyone that I know. I have never met Marisa, however I hear she is a fine young woman. I have only seen Clay Calihan a few times. His mom and dad Jewel and Claymon Calihan knew our parents Clayton and Ora Hall many years ago as Jewell and Claymon were from Paices Branch “Paradise Valley” which is a hop and jump from Roxana.

I talked to Ann Calihan. All the family are doing all right at the present time. Ann’s sister Evadean Marcum of West Virginia had a spot of cancer removed; the doctors got it all. Evadean’s husband Lafe Marcum is still hanging on.

A big hello to Ann’s cousin Joy and her husband who live in the Cincinnati area and enjoy my column in The Mountain Eagle.

Hello to Hayward and Vivian Day and their daughter Kim. I hope to see you in about three weeks at Letcher County Day.

Don’t forget to stop by at 300 George Street, Harrison, Ohio Sept. 26,11 a.m. to ? Bring a covered dish and a beverage.

I talked to my brother Richie Hall quite often. Wanda works so much I don’t get to talk to her too often.

My brother Jerry Hall isn’t doing too well. He has a cold or something that won’t let go. Mattie is still busy crocheting as this is something she really enjoys doing.

I haven’t heard from Bill and Betty Kelly so I assume everything is OK with their family.

Hello to Bill Proffitt and his sister Mavis.

Gwen Huff Farmer is busy trying to get her yard and garden ready for winter. Shirley Wells is doing all right; I talk to her on the computer a little.

Well, this is my busy day so I better get a jump on that old clock.

Until next time! Rose Ballard 9110 Lawrenceburg Road Harrison, Ohio 45030, email:Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, 513-367-4682.

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