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Friends remain young in memory


Hello everyone, hope all is going well for all of you. All our snow is about gone and the weather is getting better. That’s good news.

I heard from my friend Ada King in Miamisburg, Ohio. I’m glad you are out of the hospital and feeling better. Thank you so much for the pictures. I can remember you when you looked like that. It’s been so many years. In my mind, you still look like that. The last time I saw you was at your mother’s funeral.

The pictures look like your mom and dad when I used to spend the night at their house. I loved them! Can you believe I forgot your mother’s name? I think I had a senior moment. I finally came out of it and remembered. It was Lettie. It had been a long time. We were grade school girls then. Whitesburg

I’m sure pleased that E.J. Hogan got a good report from his surgery. My pastor, Bro. John, was so happy. They used to work together.

I heard Maggie Cook had a super great birthday party at Parkway Restaurant with 78 people present. All her family was there and also her favorite friends and some cousins. Late happy birthday, Maggie!

Sandra and Billy Hatton left on Saturday for a cruise. I’m sure they will enjoy it.

My son Astor and wife Rosemary came to visit me last weekend. I sure did enjoy it. We went to Pine Mountain Grill for dinner Saturday evening and on Sunday we went back for breakfast. My son Billy and Sandra and their son Jonathon ‘Jump’ Hatton and his cute little daughter Kate ate with us. I wanted to cook for them, but they wouldn’t let me. I’ll have to admit the food was better than what I could make.

My sisters Louise Shepherd, Kathleen Brock, Joyce Howard, and Betty Tyree and myself had lunch at the Grill on Saturday to celebrate the birthdays of Betty and Kathleen. We do that every year if we can on all our birthdays. We met lots of our friends there, Rodney Allen, Shelby Jean Feltner, Lester Tindal, and too many to name.

I enjoyed a long talk with Viola Caudill the other day. We met at the doctor’s office and decided we wanted to talk more and we did and we will do it again.

My sister Judy Greene and husband Johnny Greene of Frankfort came in on Friday evening and got together with a lot of family for dinner at the Grill. I didn’t get to go. My hill was too icy and slick. I finally got off on Saturday and went to Walmart, mostly just to see people. It was good running into Wanda Stidham. She was telling me how much she enjoys the old pictures I put in the paper. That’s why I put them in. There are always some that remember the people.

I was sorry to hear of the death of Billy Paul Frazier. I had known him for many years.

It was good seeing Juanita Proffit at the hospital the other day. Her toe is giving her a lot of trouble. Everyone there was have foot trouble. Dr. Skryo is a foot specialist. I think he is a good one.

I’m glad David Trent is doing better and is back at work. I hope he can get to come back to church. He seemed to enjoy it and we were sure pleased to have him.

My great-grandson Beau will be having a birthday Feb. 20. He will be 14 years old. Am I old enough to have a great-grandson that old? I must be. His grandmother Linda Hatton will be having one on Feb. 24. She might be a little older than Beau.

We are having water problems again. I hope it doesn’t last long this time. We can’t use it for anything except for flushing the commode.

Well, today is Sunday and I’m getting ready to go to Sunday School and church. I look forward to it.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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