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Fugates to celebrate 30th anniversary


My sympathy to the family of Jimmy “Panhead” Harris of Hindman. He died April 27 of an aneurysm. My husband, Lee Roy, and I had known Jimmy for years. He was 55.

Randy “Bub” Adams of Blackey, had to be taken to the Whitesburg Hospital emergency room by ambulance last week. He was having chest pains and he had pain in his leg. They found out that his potassium was low. He was treated and came home that same night.

Happy anniversary to my sister and brother-in-law Gary “Duke” and Debbie Fugate of Carcassonne. It will be their 30th on May 13.

Write this down on your calendars. On every first Tuesday of the month there will be singing held at the Indian Bottom Church at the Frog Pond at Blackey. It will begin at 6:30. Everyone is welcome. I’ll try and remember if I have news to put it back in the week before.

Joni Dixon of Elk Creek, left for Indianapolis right after her father, Bud Arnold’s, funeral to help her mother, Billie Ann, with Joni’s stepfather, who has cancer. She went back with her brother, Timmy Arnold.

There will be a benefit held at the Gordon Fire Department on Saturday, May 10, starting at 6 p.m for Jason “Big Tree” Adams, who has thyroid cancer. The proceeds will be used for traveling to and from Lexington to the University of Kentucky Medical Center for surgery and his treatments. Jason is the son of Ray and Doris Adams of the Frog Pond at Blackey. For more information, you can call Larry at 606-653-0492 or Doris at 606- 632-3777. All help will be appreciated.

Angel Jent of Carbon Glow was involved in a accident in Knott County last Wednesday. She hit a coal truck and had to be taken to Hazard Appalachian Regional Hospital. She had cuts bruises and a broken ankle. As of Friday they hadn’t decided whether to cast it or do surgery. Thankfully nothing was life threatening. She is due with a baby boy in June.

Happy birthday to Rita Gilley of Letcher. It was on April 30.

Nannie Mae Rogers of Blackey fell at a store in Isom and had to have stitches in her forehead and has her arm in a sling. I hope she feels better soon.

Some of my family got together and went to put flowers on my cousin, Eric Back’s, grave on Friday. He died Jan. 5 and he would have been 40 on May 2. We miss him a lot.

Jason and Candy Maggard of Letcher, have a baby girl Mattie, who had to be flown out last week to Holston Valley Hospital. She has a problem with her tongue and throat and couldn’t breathe well. She is the granddaughter of Frank and Debbie Maggard.

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