Whitesburg KY
Partly sunny
Partly sunny

Full moon beautiful sight from Town Hill


Hello everyone. I hope all are staying cool with the intense heat and humidity. I love porch sitting but sometimes, I don’t even go out there. I need AC the older I get.

Michael Campbell of Newport came in to visit his dad, John Campbell of Little Cowan. He also spent time with his grandfather, Glen Brown of Whitesburg.

Anna Bledsoe of Berea came in to visit her grandpa, John Campbell of Little Cowan. She also visited her great-grandfather, Glen Brown of Whitesburg. Anna will be a junior at Eastern State University and she is majoring in agriculture.

Michael and Anna just returned from a trip to Paris, France. The pictures they sent were amazing. The Eiffel Tower was not open but they did get to see it. They said the fireworks every night were great. I appreciate the gifts Michael brought back for us.

Susan and Waldo Stamper, Neil Stamper, and Steven Stamper of Lexington came in for the weekend. They stayed at their place and it was good seeing all of them. They did do some driving around and go to the overlooks.

Verna Rayburn of Liberty and Renee Stevenson of Columbus, Ohio came in for the weekend. They stayed with Carol Caudill of Little Cowan. It was good seeing them.

Aunt Susan and I went visiting on Sunday afternoon. We visited with Doris Banks, Carol Caudill, Anna Yonts, Verna Rayburn and Renee Stevenson. It’s good to be with family and listen to their stories. We are all descendants of the Gibson sisters, who were daughters of Joseph “Hop” Gibson and Manerva Adams Gibson.

On Saturday night, John, Dianna, Michael, Anna, Mike, and I took a ride to Town Hill. We had a cookout and then waited for the full moon. The moon was beautiful, as usual. It’s a feeling of connection with life to watch the full moon from Town Hill.

There were other people up there. We met someone from Whitco and saw a cousin, Clay Banks, and his sons. There were even fireworks that night. I was trying to get a picture of our campfire with the fireworks in the background.

Frieda and Billy Johnson celebrated their 50th anniversary over the weekend. They had a cookout with Steven, Hannah, and Destiny. Congratulations to Frieda and Billy.

Millie and David Banks of Little Cowan have had company over the past week. Their daughter, Martie Bradford, and her granddaughter, Reese, came in for a few days. On Saturday Millie met their son, Jamie, in Jackson. Their grandchildren, Spencer and Myra, are spending a few days with Millie and David. Spencer has been fishing in his grandparent’s pond.

It’s exciting to have Kentucky Fried Chicken open in Whitesburg. I’m hoping we can get there this week.

The birthdays for Aug. are as follows. Happy birthday to all.

Aug. 1 – Lanie Wenning; Aug. 2 – Ella Akers; Juanita Caudill; Aug. 3 – Stu Sigrest; Becky Sams Adkins; Aug. 5 – Ramona Caudill; Kim Schroder; Aiden Lucas; Goldie Kincer-Kalahan; Aug. 6 – Mattie Handlon; Aug. 8 – Cassie Blanchard; Kathy Miles; Aug. 9 – Chandra Leach; Brandy Campbell; Joan Ramsey; Aug. 10 – Jenny Brown; Aug. 11 – Becky Wenning; Marilyn Banks; Jim Sams; Aug. 12 – Tracey Walterbusch; Annie Dutton; Aug. 13 – Tiffany Eversole; Tyler Stamper; Aug. 14 – Keith Little; Aug. 15 – James Yonts; Chandra Baskins; Aug. 16 – Johnny Banks; Kevin Rayburn; Marcia Roberts; Aug. 17 – Martie Bradford; Aug. 18 – Raven Ison; Tami Campbell Collins; Aug. 22 – Sadie Wenning; Chuck Sturgill; Stephen Campbell; Aug. 23 – Laura Caudill Bates; Aug. 26 – Minerva Yonts; Aug. 27 – Anne Carpenter; Aug. 28 – Kortinae Wenning

Feel Better Wishes are being sent to Janice Wolod, Randy Brown, Edison Banks, and Dianna Newsome.

This week’s quote is: “Always end the day with a positive thought. No matter how hard things were, tomorrow is a fresh opportunity to make it better.”

If you have any news please email to Cowan- News@aol.com.


Have a good week. Wear a mask if needed.

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