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Fun to play in yard of empty house

Jeanette Yonts’s first childhood friend, Velma Profitt Caldwell, is pictured with her grandchildren.

Jeanette Yonts’s first childhood friend, Velma Profitt Caldwell, is pictured with her grandchildren.

I am so happy to report that Mommy is improving greatly. She still needs oxygen and complains of getting short of breath at times, but her feet and legs aren’t swollen anymore and her incisions are looking much better. I think she’s more than ready mentally to get back to her normal activities, but not physically yet. We are asking God to help her get stronger every day.

Everybody I see and talk to at the rec center, the Letcher County Senior Citizens, and all around the community always ask me how she is doing and then they say, “Be sure and tell her we love her and are praying for her.” A lot of them I know like: Irene Banks, George McHone, Bennett Combs, Billy Hatton, Charles Noble, Jack Burkich, Bessie Adams, Faye and David Miller, Pat Wright, Roger and Pat Miles, Rose Collier, Iona Noble, Vernetta Roark, Wilma Ritchie, Estel Taylor, Lydia Hall, Lorraine Kuracka, Janice Foster, Mary Pritchard, and Lizzie Mae Wright. Monday, I saw Jess Sergent at Food City and it was such a joy to see and talk to him. First thing he wanted to know was Mom’s condition.

Joy Yonts Hampton is shown with her daughter Story Eliza Hampton.

Joy Yonts Hampton is shown with her daughter Story Eliza Hampton.


Saturday evening, I was the daughter that was staying with Mom and I was so glad I was because, I saw a vehicle pull down in the driveway and it was our neighbors and childhood friends from Cane Hollow. Three sisters, Joyce Profitt Baker, Velma Profitt Caldwell, and Teresa Profitt Glispie, and Joyce’s granddaughter Jocelyn Danielle Baker. We had so much fun just talking about things that happened when we were all growing up in Cane Hollow.

Here’s one of my favorites. There was a house between ours and the Profitts. It belonged to Curt and Francis Niece. They had a daughter named Lois that my sister Charlene and Phyllis Profitt Campbell were good friends with. Anyway, that’s beside the point. Curt found work in Ohio at the Ford Plant and so they moved north. Their house just stood empty for many years until they decided to stay in Ohio and sell their house here. We played around their house and the yard as if it was our own yard.

JOY HAMPTON (No birds were harmed in the making of this picture.)

JOY HAMPTON (No birds were harmed in the making of this picture.)

Like I said, it was between our property and the Profitts’, so this was all our play territory. As a matter of fact the whole “holler” and the woods all up and down the “holler” were our territory. We frequently looked in the windows of this empty house and wondered about a lot of the things we saw. Well, one day we were on the porch looking through the window and I don’t know what got into us. There was a spooky looking doll standing where we could see it and maybe that’s what made us defy all odds and go in. I can’t remember much about what all was in there except that doll and a box of cereal. Seems like it was Fruit Loops, but I’m not sure if that’s right or not. We got it and had no more sense than to eat some of it. And if that isn’t bad enough, we even took it home with us.

My sister Lucille says she cut her toe really bad from the broken window and that’s why we had to leave and go home. Now, Mommy had only had her dentures about two or three weeks and really hadn’t gotten used to them yet. I bet you can guess what happened next.

Mom lit into yelling at us and was flapping her arms like crazy. Before you know it her teeth went flying through the air and she was trying to catch them. We started laughing and that just made her that much madder. I think we all ended up with a whipping that time.

She would end up losing her teeth a lot more times before she got used to them and wasn’t afraid she was going to lose them. But, this was the funniest one.

I have to admit I like this cooler weather and the coloring of the trees that’s about to take place. However, I am not looking forward to that 30 or so degrees we are expecting way too soon for me. I can’t wait to see all the foliage pictures that everyone posts on Facebook of the overlooks from Pine Mountain. I’m already seeing little bits and pieces of fall color starting. I know the lack of weed eating and grass cutting is also a plus of this cooler weather, at least for us. Lots of people I’ve talked to have some vegetables coming on of plants they planted late. Our green and hot peppers are taking off again, too. They are even blooming. I’ve noticed some plants that usually bloom in the spring are putting out flowers all over again.

If anyone is looking for something to do with their children or grandchildren, you have got to check out the Virginia Safari Park in Natural Bridge Va. We went one weekend in July and it was wonderful then. We knew we wanted to go back and so we planned it for fall break. We knew the elk would be bugling then and this is a sound we love to hear.

Well, Thursday evening we headed out and spent the night in Lexington, Va. Then, Friday morning we went to the park. It was unbelievable to say the least.

I drove so my husband could be at a window with a bucket of food. He had the experience of petting and feeding an antlered bull elk. While it was at his window it stopped eating and started bugling. We saw and fed fallow deer, sitka deer, David’s deer, axis deer, emu, ostriches, rheas, camels, llamas, bongo, blackbuck (we actually got to see all kinds of them sparring), eland, Scotch highland cattle, bison, zebra, rhino, and last but certainly not least, my favorite, giraffes. There’s also a walkthrough part to the park where we saw a cheetah, tigers, squirrel monkeys, penguins, kangaroo, warthogs (oohh), and lots of reptiles.

I want to take Mom when she recovers completely. I talked to my cousin, Jennifer Noble Holbrook, Monday at the rec center and she said they took her mom, Mom’s sister Pearl Pennington Noble, to one in Missouri once and it was by far the most amazing experience she had.

I saw on Facebook last week and then on the Hazard news Monday evening the Harry M. Caudill Memorial Library windows. One of my daughter’s good friend’s husband used Post It notes to display characters on the windows. Jessie Ison Watts’s husband, Tyler Watts, is the creator behind the art on these three windows. They are both teachers in the Letcher County school system. I saw them today and they are even prettier when you see them on the street than on Facebook.

Prayer request time, remember my Aunt Linda Hall with problems with her feet and legs. Remember Preacher Bill and June Craft and all their family. My friend and sister in church, Linda Buttrey, certainly needs everyone’s prayers with an unspoken prayer request. Please remember all our community that have lost loved ones, especially my precious pastor Bill Jones and his wife Sandy.

And remember how our wonderful friend Oma Hatton would end her column each week. Be in church Sunday if at all possible, and if your church has services throughout the week or Sunday evening, God wants you there then, too.

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