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Fundraiser planned for Scarlett Coots

Lizzie Mae Wright is pictured with the late Carl Parrott.

Lizzie Mae Wright is pictured with the late Carl Parrott.

Great news, Mom is now ready for cardio physical therapy. She no longer needs at home physical therapy. She’s walking by herself now, sometimes even without a cane. She’ll be back to church and the rec center before long, we hope. Thanks again to everybody that has been and continues to pray for her and us.

Our community has been so heartbroken this past week. One of our dear friends at the rec center, Scarlett Coots, is now battling breast cancer. There are so many fundraisers going on right now to help her with her medical costs. One I saw posted on Facebook is for this coming Saturday at Cowan Elementary School in the gym from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. There will be yoga, dancing, shopping and fundraising. The entry cost is $10. If you want to know how you can help, contact Maranda Webb with No Limits Fitness or Brandy with Bodies by Brandy.

We had a wonderful surprise Friday at Letcher County Senior Citizens. Bobby Ray Howard and his wife Debbie came by with homemade vegetable soup and peanut butter sandwiches. After we ate he surprised us by bringing in his guitar and giving us a little concert. We enjoyed it so much. We would have sat there all day and listened if he could have stayed. One of my favorites he sang was “Imagine If You Will”. Charlene also sings this song and it brings tears to my eyes. It says, “Imagine if you will, a land with no dying, no more hungry children and no more babies crying, and imagine if you will, no unkind words are spoken, no more hearts are broken or old folks left alone. Don’t you think you’d like to call it home?” I’m so thankful that one day Heaven will be my eternal home.

Kassidy Ellis is a granddaughter of Albert and Tonya Tackett, and daughter of John and Ashley Ellis and Alex Trotter.

Kassidy Ellis is a granddaughter of Albert and Tonya Tackett, and daughter of John and Ashley Ellis and Alex Trotter.

I sat the other day working on a jigsaw puzzle at Senior Citizens and in the background I could hear one of our members, Estel Taylor, witnessing to another one of our members. I’ve heard him mention God and how much we have to be thankful for so many times. He just lays it out there and he knows this member probably isn’t saved, but he keeps trying over and over. I love to sit and listen to him.


I saw some wonderful pictures the other day of one of Mom’s good friends, Lizzie Mae Wright, with another member of Letcher County Senior Citizens from a few years ago, Carl Parrott. It seems they have always been fighting for their Social Security and Medicare as they are still today.

Lizzie Mae, I want you to know how much we miss talking with you. We love listening to your stories of how you and your family had to live just to survive. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can get back there.

It’s so hard to believe next month we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and then another month and we will be celebrating Christmas. In the past five years our gettogethers have changed so much. So many people tell us to enjoy our Mom while we still can and believe you me, we all are. This year for the first time in our lives we won’t be having Thanksgiving dinner at Mom’s house, instead we will be celebrating at my nephew and his wife’s, Blake and Chasity Mason. It’s going to seem odd, that’s for sure.

When I went through town Saturday, I noticed both funeral home boards were completely full. So, let’s remember to pray for all that have lost loved ones.

I can’t help but mention my pastor, Bill Jones and his wife Sandy. I know they are still grieving. Also remember my aunt, Linda Joyce Pennington Hall. She’s having major complications with her circulation in her legs and feet.

And as Oma always said, “Find yourself a church to attend Sunday.” If your church has services Sunday night or throughout the week God wants you there then, also.

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