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Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Furnace has mind of its own

Happy New Year! We didn’t have a white Christmas in the Ohio Valley area. It was a sunny day though rather chilly and didn’t seem like Christmas at all. As much as I like snow at Christmas, I am very content with the weather so far! If it will just stay this way until about May, then I would be a very happy person.

My furnace seems to have a mind of its own for if it wants to shut off or not. The fan keeps running after the furnace has reached a certain temperature and blows cold air so I have to manually cut it off for a while. My furnace man is out of town, but at least it isn’t freezing cold.

Now for a very important question! Were you good little boys and girls? Did Santa come to visit you and bring you everything your heart desired? I was naughty so he skipped my house this year!

Early in the afternoon on Christmas Eve, my daughter Anna, her husband Scott, girls Sarah, Jessica and Katelyn, and little britches baby Kyle all came for a while, then my oldest granddaughter Jennifer, her husband Tommy and two kids Samantha Jo and T.J. came for a while. Southern Ohio

Jennifer brought two cheese balls, which were delicious. I had different assortment of lunchmeats because it is always diffi cult to try to fix anything as the kids go to their dad’s Christmas Eve for supper.

Jennifer held Kyle almost the whole time they were here, but I finally did get to hold him.

Another granddaughter, Jodi Gray, came later in the evening, and at almost bedtime my daughter Angie Wiederhold stopped with my little sidekick Bennie. Bennie looked so cute with a tie on, and of course by this time his shirttail was hanging out of his pants. Bennie is at the age where he thinks there should be more presents after he has unwrapped everything.

I am glad that Christmas has come and gone. I know I sound like Scrooge, but there are so many heartaches plus Christmas is so commercialized. Children see so many things on television, and parents and grandparents — including me — spend money where they really don’t have it to spend when kids already have so many toys they can’t play with them.

I watch on television and read where so many people are in line for free food and giveaways. I wonder how many of these people really need it, and how many go to spend money on drugs and booze?

I also wonder how many things never get to needy people as the ones who so graciously take up donations probably get the best items for their own use?

I feel the same way about the Salvation Army kettle placed in front of business each year. I know everyone isn’t dishonest, yet I wonder when I drop in a dollar or two if it goes to the cause.

For some reason I haven’t been able to feel Christmas in my heart this year. I waited to the last minute to even fix dinner for my son Keith and me.

We were invited to my granddaughter Jennifer’s and my daughter Kay wanted us to come there, plus my daughter’s sister-in-law Sherrie Nottingham had invited me to a fancy dinner.

I didn’t feel like going anywhere so I fixed a simple dinner of ham, potato salad, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, forgot to get rolls, and made no dessert.

Keith doesn’t eat that many sweets and I don’t need the calories. If it isn’t in the house then I am not going to eat it.

I took Angie and Bennie a care package so she wouldn’t have to cook as she wanted to stay home to let Bennie play with all his toys. On the way home from Angie’s I noticed how bright the evening star was shining and thought of that long ago night when Jesus was born, and the song ‘Mary Did You Know?’.

Gwen Huff Farmer had some of her family for Christmas. I am sure she had a great time. She sent me a picture of a bouquet of Christmas flowers that one of her deer hunters that stays in her extra house had sent her, and it was beautiful.

Shirley Wells spent Christmas with her children and grandchildren. This has been a very diffi cult time for Shirley.

I talked to my brothers Richie and Jerry Hall and my sister Loretta Church on Christmas, and couldn’t find Robert’s telephone number so I sent him a message through the computer.

My brother Wallace Lee Hall has been on my mind and in my heart this year.

Johnny and Ann Calihan had their family for Christmas as Sue Wagner and her family came in from South Carolina. Sue spent a little time at Angie’s Christmas Eve. I know Bennie really loves Sue.

Hello to Ralph and Lola ( Sis Whitaker) Hogg, of Michigan. I hear that Ralph isn’t perking too well. Like I said earlier ,there’s so much heartache everywhere, and the Whitaker family has seen their share too.

I am glad to say that Doyle and Betty Ison seem to be doing very well, and Doyle is able to drive now. I know he was looking forward to that simple task that we all take for granted.

Emma Engle, I hope things are better for you and Red.

Oma Hatton, I hope you were a good little girl so that Santa paid you a visit.

Jennifer Collins had a very special visit from her daughter, which I am sure she really enjoyed.

I must apologize for this column not being very interesting, but I have too much in my heart and thoughts to concentrate.

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