Whitesburg KY

Furnace went out on -6° day


Hello to everyone. I hope everyone is well and enjoying the new year and all the bad weather and being able to stay warm when the weather dropped to -6 degrees.

It was a bad time for my family. Our furnace went out and we had to make it through the worst part of the cold. We had their heaters going and they kept it bearable. The water froze up for a whole day.

We have a fireplace, but hated to have to work at getting it ready to build a fire in it. We finally did, though. It sure helped.

Bobby Howard had to order a new part, and it was a week before they got it fixed, thank God. I want to thank the boy who got out in the cold to drive over here three times to try to fix it.

My sons, Daniel and Ran- dy, were doing all they could to keep us warm.

Now, all of a sudden, the news on saying that all electrical gridlocks are being threatened, and if this happens we will all have to go back to the times like it was hundreds of years ago. No food, water, heat, lights, and the hospitals would have to close.

We would have to do like our forefathers did, and live off of the land. Cook on the fireplace, raise gardens, chickens, hogs, cows, horses, etc.

I have some knowledge of those days and times like that. It was so hard on families back then, especially the women. Cooking, washing and keeping the house warm for them. The men had to hunt and try to keep food to cook.

I just pray that doesn’t happen. It would be a lot worse now on people because they are so used to having everything electric — stove, refrigerator, freezer, TV, computers, etc., and phones.

Oh well! If it has to be then we will have to do the best we can. It’s very scary to think about. Times are looking scary in every way.

People with diabetes, cancer and heart problems would really be in jeopardy.

I have lost so many loved ones in the last few years. I grieve over them and think of them almost every day.

One year ago on the 17th, I had to say good-bye to my one and only best friend I could ever have. My darling husband, Claude, had to go away from me forever. He was the light of my life, and I miss him so deeply.

Then only two months later my sister lost her husband, Carlos Brown, Jr. She and I both are so lost without them, but we still have memories and each other to talk to and remember the good times we shared.

Claude and Carols were good friends. They loved to get together and sing and play the guitar and act the fool. I think they would get a little jealous if one thought the other did better than he did. We would always laugh at them.

Nov. 17, 2013, Claude would have been 85 years old, had he lived. On his birthday in 2012, I had a birthday party for him. We all got together at the Kingdom Come Community Center and cooked a big meal for everybody, and all the musicians came out to play and sing for him. We had a crowd of 80 people, and he enjoyed seeing all of his friends and family. He was very weak, but he had a good week. God blessed him so much.

He and I went over to look at the Coal Miners Wall and the pictures. The music was good and we held onto each other and we waltzed a few steps. It was wonderful to be so close, and I will never forget out last waltz. He was my sweetheart for the last waltz we would ever have. He lived exactly two months from then.

It’s like the poem, “ If teardrops were stairways and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again.” Ever who wrote that knew how to say what I feel in my heart. Thanks to that person.

I know I can’t bring him back home, but I can go to him. “Just know that I love you. ”

My daughter-in-law was very sick with kidney problems and infection. She is feeling some better. She is my son David’s wife, Denise. They live in South Carolina. She is an RN there at the hospital.

My grandson Michael had the measles in the last two weeks. He was very sick. He is 20 years old, and he had the shot when he was a child, but he still got them.

We haven’t had anything at the center. It has been too cold and bad. But, we’re looking forward to a Valentine’s dance on Feb. 15, on Saturday evening at 6:30 p.m. Hope it all works out. We’ll have food and just enjoy the time get together.

I enjoyed going to the big Christmas party at Cowan Community Center. It was just great. Everyone had a great time. Thanks to Dr. Breeding and his family and all the other ones who helped to get it together. They had square dances, old Virginia reel, cakewalks, storytelling and singing.

They had Lee Sexton and the musicians who played for the dance, and all the young people who participated. It was a grand night!

We need to do things together more often; it beats sitting by the TV or doing nothing.

Thanks to Jim Ward for all he helps to get done in our county. He tries very hard.

I am running out of time to get this to The Eagle. I’ll talk to you again soon. It’s hard for me right now.

Love and prayers to all out in Eagle country, “Keep on the Sunny Side of Life.”

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