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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Wade fishing is fun

There are a lot of fun ways to fish, but one of the most fun and sometimes most productive can be wade fishing.

For many anglers this is one of their favorite ways to fish. One of the biggest reasons that so many fisherman like to fish this way is because it puts you in the fish’s world. By this I mean by wade fishing you are going into the water where the fish live and off the dry bank from which we are used to fish.

Fishing from the bank and fishing while wading the water are two completely different feelings. I believe that once you get into the water and get used to it and really start to concentrate on fishing, you will enjoy your fishing experience more than if you just fish off the bank. I always have more fun on these type of trips.

We are blessed to have some good wade fishing creeks and ponds and rivers in our area. I have caught a few Kentucky bass over three pounds in the river near Linefork, also several nice smallmouth have come from this area. Several types of fish can be caught in a small creek or river.

Fish like the smallmouth bass and the Kentucky bass are common in our area waters. Redeye, catfish, crappie, suckers and carps are also numerous in our area creeks and rivers.

Some wade fisherman like to use live bait to fish. Baits like red worms, minnows, nightcrawlers, crickets, meal worms and softshell crawdads are popular. Some of us like to fish artificial baits more. Topwaters like poppers or twitch baits work well. Also small buzzbaits are very good at drawing hard strikes. I have had some very good wade fishing trips using a small buzzbait.

I like to find a area in the river that forms a bend or a horseshoetype area. These areas will have swift water coming into the bend and which hits the bank on the lower end then swings out back into the main channel. What this does is it creates a slack water area close to the bank, on the backside of where the fast water hits the bank. Fish like Kentucky bass will hunt out and use these slack water areas to hold and wait for bait or food to come by if this area has some form of cover like a laydown tree, woodpile, or rocks. One of my favorite covers is a overhanging willow tree that makes a shady pocket.

Look for these areas and make your casts back into these slow water pocket areas and work your bait back out into the main channel.

Another very good type of cover to fish is where the water has washed the bank out from around tree roots. I like to fish a small crankbait in these areas.

During the day when it is too hot to fish on the lake, give wade fishing a try. It is always cooler in the shade of the overhanging trees. Being in the water just has the feeling of being one-on-one with nature and with the fish. This is a feeling that is hard to get with other types of fishing. And wade fishing kind of takes you back to a simpler, more laidback time in all our lives.

So the next time you want to do some different type of fishing, give wade fishing a try.

If you would like to contact me for any type of fishing information, contact me at gabbysfishingfever@yahoo.com.

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