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Bluegill are finished nesting

Bluegill have just finished the nesting for the year, and with the hot days of summer now upon us they will scatter all over the lake. You will be able to catch bluegill in the shallow water off many forms of cover and will be able to catch them in water more than 20 feet deep.

During past summers, I have caught large bluegill in deep clear lakes in more than 30 feet of water, only to catch bluegill in two feet of water in a color stained lake. The depth that bluegill hold on any lake will vary depending on many things.

Temperatures in shallow water is the biggest factor, followed by the amount of cover, food, fishing pressure, and sunlight in determining where you will find the best bluegill action on any lake or pond. The biggest bluegill I have ever seen came out of small farm ponds.

Bluegill have a big brother in the sunfish family known as a shellcracker, which can reach weights of close to 2 pounds. Shellcrackers are found in a few Kentucky lakes, and I will try to do a story on them later.

To fish for bluegill at any depth only requires basic light-weight tackle. A light action rod and reel with 4 to 6 pound test line will work in most cases. For bait, you can use worms such as night crawlers or my favorite, red worms. You may also use crickets, meal worms or minnows. Some artificial baits will work, such as small plastic grubs or flies. You can use a floater to help determine a strike or just watch your line. The use of a small sinker will help in deeper water.

Try these tips on your next bluegill trip. Good fishing.

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