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‘Points’ point anglers to where fish are

As the old saying goes, points point to fish. Lake points are one of the most consistent and successful types of cover to fish year round for just about all types of fish.

A point is basically a part of the land that extends out into the water and drops off , usually with a shallow side and a deep side with the main end of the point dropping off into the water with a hump-style pattern.

There are several reasons why one point will hold more or even bigger fish than another point. One big plus is a river or creek channel running close to the point. Fish use channels like underwater highways to move from one area of the lake to another and to hold onto and wait for food. A good point that has yielded a couple good bass off will usually restock itself, meaning you can wait a few hours and come back and catch more bass off the same point.

One more thing that makes a point better is cover such as tree stumps, standing or flooded timber or bushes, weeds or rocks. Any type of cover will add greatly to the productivity of a point, and a good point will have both a good shallow water area to fish early and late and a drop off into deeper water to fish during the day and during hot and cold parts of the season.

You can fish a point with nearly every bait ever made, from a top water or buzz bait in the shallow cover to a crank bait or spinner bait in the shallow to deeper drop off s around cover. A worm or jig or even a Carolina rig work well on the deeper cover on the drop off s, as doll the way to a jigging spoon or blade bait or big jig in the deeper water that drops off into the channels. Any and every fishing style may be used when fishing a point. Some of the time it is best to fish the shallow water first and then work your way out toward deeper water, like very early when the bass are chasing shad up in the shallows. At other times it may be better to fish the deeper parts of the point first and work your way in to the bank, such as during the day or any time the fish are stressed or spooky. The deeper water and deeper cover will hold more active fish during these times.

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