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Partly sunny

Gabby’s fishing fever

The nighttime is the right time

With all the extremely hot days we have been having, it is hard and not safe to try to fish during the daytime. The fish are not all that active in water that is this warm.

There are only a few things an angler can do to increase the chances of catching fish. One thing you can do is fish in deeper, cooler water. Or you can wade and fish in rivers and streams, which have a much higher oxygen level in much shallower water, causing the fish to be more aggressive. But, if you’d rather fish on a lake, then your best bet is to fish at night.

If you are planning a nighttime fishing trip to a lake, there are a few things you can do to make the trip more productive. The biggest thing is to have much of your tackle and rod and reels ready to use before you go fishing. This will help you when you get on the lake. It is very hard to change baits and tie on hooks in the dark. Try to keep your boat as uncluttered as you can and know where all your stuff is on the boat. A good light is a must on a night fishing trip.

If you are fishing for bass at night, give baits such as top water or buzz bait a try, or you can throw a dark-colored rattling crank bait, as bass will use sound and vibration to locate food more at night. A bait that makes a noise on top like a buzz bait or a popper-style bait is a good lure choice. A spinner bait with a big thumping Colorado blade will draw hard strikes.

My favorite nighttime bass baits are a worm or a jig fished slowly and tight to cover. This is also a big bass way to fish.

The next time it is just too hot to fish during the day, give night fishing a try.

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