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Local spots off er great wade fishing

For many anglers, this time of year is a hard time to fish on a lake because of the extreme heat.

You can try night fishing, but the humidity is still so high it makes it hard to enjoy yourself. Right before dawn and very early you get a little break from the heat, but it is over as soon as the sun gets up.

This high heat also makes the water temperatures rise greatly in the shallow waters and will drive the fish into deeper cooler water. But there is one thing you can do to get out of the sunlight and stay cooler and actually catch more fish. This may sound too good to be true, but it is wade fishing in the creeks and rivers.

We are blessed to have some good wade fishing here and close to our area. Wade fishing is the only form of fishing where the fisherman gets into the water and actually enters the fish’s world and can feel one on one with the river and with the fish. You just become part of the river and can feel a bond with what you are doing. Anybody that has been wade fishing much will understand exactly what I mean.

The water in most streams or rivers is always moving. This creates current and the current carries with it food and oxygen bubbles that keep fish active and feeding. The water is always much cooler in a moving stream of water than in a still lake.

On most rivers, there will be a canopy of trees covering the water making shade and a cooler place to be outdoors. Also, the wade fishing action has been good this year.

I have had reports of big smallmouth bass around 22 inches long being caught recently in the Cumberland River area of Harlan County. That’s a nice fish anywhere.

As I stated earlier, we are blessed to have many good areas to wade fish in our area like the Cumberland River, the stream running through Eolia. The river running through Whitesburg — all of it —has some great fishing. Also, the stream that runs out of Rockhouse to Isom has some great wade fishing. The river at Blackey from Woodrock all the way down Hwy. 7 has some very good fishing. One of my favorites is around the mouth of Linefork, and Linefork creek has always been a good area to fish.

So finding a spot to wade fish is not too hard. It is the best way to beat the heat and catch fish and be one on one with nature.

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