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Gabby’s fishing fever

Fishing for the fun of the sport

In this day and time, everything seems to just be moving faster and faster. You can go online on your cell phone from anywhere. A cell phone six months old is outdated and replaced by a newer one with more stuff on it.

Some people like to live this fast-paced lifestyle and stay on top of all the newest technology, but there are a lot of us older fisherman that prefer just a quiet peaceful day of fishing with friends and family.

I recently got to go fishing at Carr Creek Lake with some of my young nieces and nephews. We spent the afternoon bluegill fishing and had a great time fishing. The kids really got into the fishing and had a good time.

Fishing is just like anything else — you can make it as fast paced and competitive as you want or as laidback and relaxing as you want. I used to be big time into fishing a big bass tournament or something every weekend. For close to 20 years I went everywhere and fished many fishing tournaments for money and trophies. I have to say I was very blessed to have placed in several of these tournaments and won a whole wall full of trophies and a lot of money over the years.

These are great memories and was great times I will never forget. During these times I met a lot of people that helped me along and taught me a lot about the sport.

I love to bass fish and every other type of fishing and I always will. I was raised fishing with my grandpa in the creek with homemade poles for creek chubs, and camping and fishing with my dad for bluegill and crappie.

I have seen fishermen pull in at the lake with brand new trucks pulling huge bass boats with the biggest motors you can get, and put big loads of expensive tackle in the boat. They then would take off like they were shot out of a canon across the lake, and run up and down the lake all night and not catch many fish. They would come in the next morning cursing and mad and making every excuse for not catching fish.

Then a couple of old fishing buddies would come in after a night of crappie fishing in a aluminum boat and will be laughing and having a good time together. So fishing can be what ever you want it to be.

At this time in my life I guess I prefer the slower-paced style of fishing with friends and family. I know that I sure had a good time fishing with my nieces and nephews and they had a good time fishing with Uncle Gabby.

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