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Cooler water improves fishing

With the cooler weather bringing cooler water fish such as bass and crappie are moving more toward shallower water. This makes the fish become more aggressive and want to feed more.

As the water continues to cool the fishing will get better and better, then as fall turns into early winter the smallmouth bass action really heats up, making it my favorite time of the year to fish.

I have received reports from Tennessee about great largemouth bass fishing on Cherokee Lake. The water temperatures are in the mid 70’s on most lakes in our area. When the water gets in the lower 70’s the fishing really starts to get good for most all fish. The crappie will start moving toward some shallow water areas and cover soon. Look for areas with wood cover of some type, as this is a crappie’s favorite cover.

Most of the crappie should be holding in around 10 to 12 feet of water right now. Fish for them near large fallen down trees, standing flooded timber, or man made cover such as old Christmas trees thrown in the water, or around boat docks.

For bait, fish with a minnow or small crappie jig or tube bait. Crappie seem to like the chartreuse and black or the shad colored baits best. Work these baits slowly around this cover, and if you do not get much action fish deeper or shallower or change bait colors or change your speed of your retrieve. Give some of these tips a try and have fun on your next trip.

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