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Gabby’s fishing fever

Bass are becoming very active

The early fall air is cool and crisp and the days are mild and not too hot. This is one of my favorite times of the year to be outside and fishing.

There is something for everybody this time of year outdoors, and the bass fishing has already started getting better. On most area lakes, the surface water temperatures are in the mid to low 70’s. At this range, bass move around more and come to the shallower water more. The bait fish are already moving toward the shallow water and game fish like bass follow the schools to feed.

Always watch the surface of the water for signs of bait fish breaking or skipping the surface. This is a sign of feeding bass or other game fish feeding on bait fish schools near the top. Always fish these areas, because these are active feeding bass and will strike a lure or bait most times. Fish baits such as buzz bait, jerk or twitch bait with a “walk the dog” type retrieve. A willow leaf spinner bait, crank baits and rattle trap style baits also work well.

Any bait that resembles or acts like a fleeing or injured bait fish will attract a feeding bass in most cases. Work your bait through the breaking bait fish. If you do not get a strike, start with a series of twitch and pause retrieves. This looks like a dying bait fish to a bass and will draw a hard strike. The reports that I have been getting from local fisherman is of good bass fishing close to the shore on buzz baits and crank baits fished parallel to the bank.

The fishing is just now starting to get good and will just get better and better as the weather and water continues to get cooler. So get out every chance you can.

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