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Fishing lipless crank baits for bass

There are certain types of baits that really work well at peak fishing times of the year. The lipless crank bait is one of those, and is also known as a rattle trap to many anglers.

These baits are usually heavy and can be cast a long way, and can be fished in shallow or deep water by changing the size of line used or by retrieving the bait slower or faster. By using heavier line and retrieving the bait slower, the bait will run shallow. By using lighter line and reeling faster the bait will dive deeper. Also, holding the rod tip low on the retrieve will make the bait run deeper, or by holding the rod tip high it will make the bait run shallow. So use these tips to adjust to whatever the fishing situation you are faced with.Th

e bass at this time of year follow schools of baitfish into areas of the lake such as the backs of creeks and main lake coves. Also close to banks that have a channel or deeper water close by, the edge of a large flat or along bluff or cliff lines are all top places to fish the lipless crank bait.

This bait is made to be cast a long way and be retrieved and worked all the way back in. It is best to make your cast as parallel to the cover as you can. This will present your bait to more feeding bass and keep your bait in the fish’s strike zone longer.

The use of a rod designed to fish a crank bait will also help because these rods are long with good back bone and a limber tip. The long rod helps to make long casts and to help pick up line fast and help set the hook on long cast. The strong bottom part of the rod helps in fighting a hooked bass, and the limber tip helps in holding pressure or a hooked bass trying to throw a set of treble hooks.

Most lipless crank baits have rattles inside them that make a noise during the retrieve. A bass will follow this sound to locate the bait. If you are planning a bass fishing trip in the next few weeks, give a rattling lipless crank bait a try for some good early fall bass fishing.

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