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It’s time to give bluegill a try

It is the time of year when bluegill are scattered everywhere looking for food, and bluegill fishing should be peaking right now. So try to get out all you can before it gets cold, because the bluegill are not as active during the cold weather.

Bluegill love the warm sunny days and will feed and be active. If you are fishing on a lake for bluegill at this time of year look for the banks that have the most sunlight on them the longest during the day. The bluegill will use these banks and hold on wood, rock or weed cover.

Just about any type of cover will hold numbers of bluegill and they are fairly easy to catch by just about any angler of any age. This is just one of the many reasons so many fisherman love to fish for the bluegill. And it is a very good tasting fish to eat.

The bluegill in most lakes are a small-size fish but in some lakes and farm ponds can grow very large. Bluegill weighing more than two pounds are common in these ponds and are a very special fish.

There is the regular bluegill that some fisherman call a sun granny and then there is a much larger member of the bluegill family that is called a shell cracker or a hybrid bluegill. These fish are a darker color and sometimes even have a small hump on there back. Some of the older bluegill anglers call these fish knot heads. These fish are much bigger and stronger than the smaller ones.

When you find a spot you want to fish just make a cast close to the cover and most of the time the action will start quickly. Use small ultra light tackle and light line. This will give you the best action and the most fun out of your trip. As for bait, you can use many types like red worms, night crawlers, meal worms, and crickets. All these work good. When you want a cheap and easy fast action fishing trip, then get out and give bluegill fishing a try.

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