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Fish return to ‘hot spots’ year after year

You have heard fisherman say that a certain spot on a lake is a hot spot or a honey hole where you can always catch fish. These are the go-to spots that fisherman count on to catch fish time after time when they go to the lake. Some of these spots are kept secret by fisherman to keep others away.

While the angler may seem to always be able to always count on these types of areas, there is a reason why this area is so consistent and just a few feet on down the bank he may have never caught a fish. What makes an area a great place to catch fish is not luck or just a coincidence. There are several things that make a spot a hot spot or honey hole, things like cover, structure, food source, deeper water and shallow water close by, and if a channel hugs in close to the bank, this makes a hot spot for sure.

If you have several of these things going for a spot on a regular basis, then this is a spot you will want to fish every time you can. These types of areas offer a high percentage success rate of catching fish and will restock themselves faster when good fish are caught.

These are the types of areas that good fish will use or return to year after year. These are also the types of areas that will off er better size fish because of the topnotch conditions.

When you fish a honey hole area, start by fishing baits like crank baits or top waters or spinner baits first. These are search baits looking for active fish. You can cover a lot of water quickly and get rid of unproductive water faster. If you catch bass for a while like this and then the action slows, switch to baits like a worm or a slower fished spinner bait or deeper diving crank bait. Then fish cover with a jig.

Look for these types of hot spots on your next trip.

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